Although both are natural-born leaders, neither one has any problem submitting themselves to their lovers. The only problem that may probably arise is when they become too possessive of one another, which won't be a problem at first, but in the long run, it slowly creeps up to to threaten their relationship's destruction.

On another aspect, Cancer tends to enjoy sharing common traits with Capricorn. Like Cancer, they are practical thinkers, responsible, and persistent. And having all these traits, neith sign allows impulsiveness to consume them. They would rather keep on enjoying things that they have gotten used to, and improve those that are necessary.
Both signs have tremendous need for love, security, and affection, and they know very well how to satisfy each other's cravings. Capricorn is as sensitive as Cancer is, and Cancer can be as loyal and committed as Capricorn is. And when it comes to physical chemistry, there is never any scarcity. Both Cancer and Capricorn have no problem being intimate with each other. They are both passionate in love and very generous towards one another.

Communication is easy when it comes to these two signs. Cancer finds it easy to converse with Capricorn. Both have mutual interests in almost everything, including music and arts, history, and business. Like Cancer, Capricorn is traditional, innovative, and high regard to financial stability. They are industrious, determined, creative, and born natural leaders. And most importantly, Capricorns are very practical and decisive individuals, which makes this relationship all the more compatible.
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The relationship Cancer has with Capricorn can be an ideal match. Both signs are influenced by carnal elements that work well together.

Cancer is inclined by their water element, where as Capricorn is influenced by their water sign. Similar to the way earth needs water to bring forth life; things just come compatibly favorable for these two signs as a pair.
Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility
Luckily, Capricorn and Cancer find so many things to be thankful for in their romantic pairing. For one, there is an emotional security between the two signs. Capricorns are known to put love at the top of all their priorities, making it easy for them to be sensitive to their partner's needs. Likewise, they are never complacent. They see to it that they are involved and aware of the ins and outs of the relationship.

Although in the beginning Cancer tends to guard their feelings, as both signs delve deeper into the relationship, they find that maintaining the chemistry between them and avoiding things that can jeopardize each other will keep both of them from being hurt.

The Capricorn and Cancer union always leads to a long-term relationship and both see to it that there is no room for infidelity. Both signs value trust and honesty, and therefore, neither tolerates anything that threatens it.
When it comes to issues in the relationship, there is nothing more obvious than both signs playing it too safe and becoming stagnant together. Both Capricorn and Cancer come from traditional roots, so it only comes natural to them to stick to what is normal and rigid. And in return, this makes their relationship a bit boring and cliché. No one will ever make the first move try something new or even take a risk on something.

And when it comes to their emotional inclination, Capricorn has quite a hard time expressing their feelings. While Cancer can change their mood swings quickly and become temperamental about almost everything, Capricorn will shy away from anger and would prefer to settle their beefs and instead focus on getting work and other things done. Likewise, Capricorn does not like showing intimate emotions on public. They feel that when they do so, they become vulnerable to public judgement and have loosened their control. And since Cancer can be very passionate and intimate, the feeling of being rejected and shrugged off is extremely offending.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Cancer and Capricorn is incomparable. Together, there is a natural chemistry between them, both physically and emotionally. They share so many common traits making it easy for them to communicate and relate with one another.
What this relationship needs is spontaneity and change. Since, both will probably take things too seriously and do the same things over and over again, in the long run, it becomes inevitable that boredom and rigidity will catch up with them. So, it is crucial for both to just live a little, not to worry too much about financial security or business, and to not be too sombre on making things work out for them. The secret to their relationship is for them to simply enjoy each other's company and not be afraid to progress and climb a notch higher than what they have grown accustomed to.

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Disadvantages of Capricorn and Cancer Relationship

Advantages of Capricorn and Cancer Relationship

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Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

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