Likewise, Libra will always feel special because Scorpio will work towards always making them happy. Scorpio has a knack to finding out what makes other people tick. They will show a big interest in having a deep psychology about what their loved one likes and dislikes and about what can make them angry or fulfilled, which they can use to win their heart.

And the mutual feeling of security is felt by Scorpio as Libra seeks harmony and balance within the relationship. Though argumentative, it becomes innate to Libra to find peace even when it means having a poker face, simply to maintain an amiable relationship with heir partner.
Since Scorpio is too clingy and attached to how they feel, Libra's love for freedom may be jeopardized.  Scorpio can entice anyone with their charm, but once they sting you, it can be very hard to survive their venom.  Their lack of self-confidence can lead them to paranoia, always wanting to keep a close eye on their love. In fact, among the other zodiac signs they are the most jealous and possessive.

More so, Libra and Scorpio are both manipulative individuals. If Libra is into pushing through what they believe in, Scorpio will use the emotional game-playing to make their loved one surrender to what they want. Both are so intense that they will do everything to make their commitment last.

However, both will mesh well when it comes to putting each other first. They place such value on their relationship that infidelity will never have a spot between them. Both give great importance to self-righteousness; they will never tolerate themselves knowing they did something morally unacceptable. Nonetheless, these and more are essential ingredients that make their relationship tastefully bitter and sweet at the same time.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

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Advantages of Scorpio and Libra Relationship

Within the zodiac astrology, Libra and Scorpio are out of sync from each other because their astral elements oppose. Libra, influenced by their air element, is more logical, whereas Scorpio is driven by water making them more attuned to their emotions.

Together, things will always be opposing. And when it comes to decision making, Libra and Scorpio will hound each other's discordant opinions, which in the end can bring about constant clashes and disagreements.

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Libra Relationship

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility
Air and water when combined can result to an unstable outcome, but that still does not leave out positivity between them. For instance, both are trustworthy individuals. Libra with their pursuit of weighing the pros and cons will directly point out things they are quite hesitant about.

The same goes for Scorpio, who, even to the point of bluntness, will tell you nothing but the truth. The honesty Libra and Scorpio give each other makes their relationship full of security and trust.
Love and romance between Libra and Scorpio is something hard to figure out in the beginning. For one, Libra and Scorpio differ when it comes to their social lives. Libra is more sociable. They have a wide range of social circles. They are so adaptable and universal that they seek to have a partner who shares the same passion for parties, spending great time with friends, and being a diplomat to everyone.

Scorpio, on the contrary, is one meek creature. They look for a different sense of relaxation where they only want to spend quality and quiet time with their family and friends. They prefer the comforts of their home where they can have great rejuvenation and peace away from the hassles and bustles of life.

Likewise, both are so intense when it comes to love, Scorpio in particular. It is not so easy for Scorpio to let go of any possession. And anyone, whether it be a friend or a loved one, is also considered as their possession. As a result, they will find no means of letting go the one they hold so dear. Libra, on the contrary, is self driven on their own and would never tolerate anyone controlling or manipulating them.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Libra and Scorpio may seem very incompatible. In fact, if to be rated according to zodiac compatibility, they can merit a five or a six. However, with enough effort and willingness to give their commitment, Libra and Scorpio can actually work out their differences.

What this relationship needs is acceptance, understanding, and effort. Libra and Scorpio differ emotionally and on logical aspects. Libra takes so much time weighing the pros and cons of situations only to come up with the righteous decision. Scorpio, on the other hand, would simply go to what is most convenient and practical to them, not considering the other aspects and weight of the whole situation the way Libra does, and because of this, constant clashes come between them.

Scorpio is more emotionally inclined compared to Libra, where they prefer to stay distant. Libra is more into making things in balance and bringing harmony, whereas Scorpio aims for intimacy, which sometimes can overpower Libra's need for space and freedom.

If both signs do not work to meet halfway, the relationship will simply end just as expected into ruin. Libra must see past Scorpio's possessiveness and jealousy while Scorpio must try to appreciate Libra's critical mind. Both must simply learn to accept each other and move towards the progress of the relationship, and only then will the two move to a higher level of romantic connection. 
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