In fact, once they love, they only hope that it would be their last. Both take pride of the integrity and honesty they have for each other, despite all the odds and the temptation that comes between them. When they promise something, they will deliver.

Even when it comes to their line of communication Virgo and Scorpio match well. Both are diligent and independent individuals, and they know what they want right from the start. Scorpio is as practical as Virgo and both know how to handle their finances very well, which is sometimes the focal point of their conversations.

Lastly, both have the basic instinct to always do what is right. Virgo's critical mind matches Scorpio's intuition. The two will not allow any glitch to pass their keen eyes. In fact, they will watch each other simply to avoid mistakes and keep flaws from happening. Both are so determined to achieve success that they will hone each other to gain it.

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

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Advantages of Scorpio and Virgo Relationship

There is an instant connection between Virgo and Scorpio because their attributes and astral elements work well together. Both will find admirable and commendable traits about each other.

Virgo will see Scorpio's fearless and intuitive personality to be the same as theirs, where they both value the importance of accuracy and correctness in their lives. Likewise, Scorpio sees Virgo's critical mind to be essential when they hone their instincts.

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Virgo Relationship

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility
The relationship also takes pride with how they place great value on fidelity. Virgo and Scorpio may not be as showy and intimate in public, but as both delve deeper into the relationship and just between their private moments, both will commune with the innate physical chemistry they have felt right from the start.

Because Virgo and Scorpio think along the same wavelength, there are few arguments between them. Scorpio has a strong awareness towards their own imperfections, so they allow Virgo to interfere in their decisions and ways if they are indecisive. In fact, they will gladly join Virgo in whatever quest they have for self-improvement and change.

The only thing that will probably come as an issue between the two is when Scorpio tends to be too jealous and possessive. Virgo in love prefers a mate with overflowing confidence, and Scorpio can be the epitome of a self-destructive and dependent persona. They tend to be one who constantly needs someone who can assist and applaud them in everything they do, thus they will possess whoever saves them from themselves. Nonetheless, these and more are minor glitches that Virgo and Scorpio can easily surpass.
Virgo and Scorpio share a strong partnership. Virgo, with their innate nature to help, will be Scorpio's guidance and right hand. As tough as Scorpio's outside persona may be, inside is a soft spot that needs constant reassurance and guidance. Virgo will provide this especially during times when things become uncertain.

Even more so, their relationship is bound by passion and loyalty. Scorpio, like Virgo, will not commit into any relationship if they are not fully committed. 
Forgiveness is one thing that Virgo and Scorpio need to work out. Because Virgo can be too honest to the point of bluntness, they may constantly bruise Scorpio's ego. Scorpio would not mind if Virgo takes their reprimands into a mellower tone, but sometimes screams and over scrutinizing is necessary for Virgo to make their point.

Since Scorpio can take things too seriously and are slow to forget much less to forgive; Virgo can be in a dangerous situation. Scorpio when really hurt, has the tendency to be treacherous. They will plan and wait for the perfect time to sting their venom into their prey. They can be passionate in love, but crazy when hurt.

On the contrary, Scorpio finds Virgo to be too manipulative. Virgo likes to play mind games when things do not go their way, but Scorpio will detest anyone who tries to deceive or fool them. And because of this, Virgo and Scorpio will be in constant arguments.
What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Virgo and Scorpio is very ideal. Both mesh well emotionally and intellectually. Nonetheless, what they share is also not as perfect as other relationships. There remains a few issues that both need to face.

What this relationship needs is spontaneity and understanding. Virgo must understand that Scorpio is as sensitive as they are. They must give their Scorpio enough leeway to make their own way, especially with their decisions. Likewise, Virgo must understand that though Scorpio lacks confidence, they will only take guidance and criticism when given in a lighter tone.

On the contrary, Scorpio must also need to make their own adjustments. For instance, they must not take things too seriously, especially with Virgo's discriminating and keen eyes. Instead, they must take into consideration the odds and possibilities Virgo suggests.

If these two signs make these simply adjustment, the chemistry and intimacy between them will be more developed leading to a brighter tomorrow.
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