And though they rarely talk about issues, both will instinctively know their scope of limitations and what must be done to solve things between them. When one gets into a mood swing, the other will already know how to distance themselves and then come back later when things are at a calmer pace. The same is true when one needs a little boost of encouragement, the other will be ready to do things that can cheer their partner up.

Lastly, there is never a dull moment between two Scorpios. Both will enjoy each other's company as they go through different life challenges, travels, and adventures together. In fact, they will generally find themselves distressed when they not around each other for too long. And this loyalty towards each other exudes on how they will do everything to keep their relationship in top form.
Scorpios never break any taboo and they are always true to their words. As a result, both will never leave any chance for infidelity and dishonesty.

Likewise, Scorpios are so passionate, which will exude on how both will deal with each other. Though it usually takes a while for Scorpio to reveal their true selves and they would normally prefer to keep a distance, through constant communication and togetherness both will soon open up to greater possibilities they can share. In fact, the intensity they put in can actually make them madly in love, resulting in jealousy and tendencies of manipulation.

The communication line between them is admirable. Once both open up to each other and avoid distrust, they can talk about anything under the sun. Scorpio is highly interested in knowing what makes other people tick, and once they do this with their partner, they would do everything to make them happy.

Two Scorpio in love can accomplish great things because both are compatible emotionally and intellectually, which in turn make their relationship very promising.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

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Advantages of Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship

No zodiac compatibility would merit a perfect score if not with a fellow sign, making relationships with two Scorpios well matched. Both understand each other and, coming from water elements, they will push through similar interests and emotional drive. 

The Scorpio and Scorpio pairing is highly committed, not only to each other, but with their firm affirmation to holding a strong and amiable reputation. 

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility
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There are so many things appreciate when two Scorpios are in a relationship. For one, both will find harmony and peace with each other. Since they are not as sociable, both will simply enjoy spending quality time over a romantic dinner or quiet time alone together. And the longer both get along, the more security they find from each other.

Likewise, two Scorpios will understand each other. Since both know what makes each other tick, they will have a psychological depth when dealing with each other. 
The only thing very evident between two Scorpios would probably be the negativity that revolves around them. Scorpios are known for their negative self-talk because of their low self-esteem. The way their venomous sting can be dangerously self-inflicting to one's self will be the same manner how they can be dangerous to each other. Both will become indecisive as well as hesitant on the things needed to be done, such as decisions at work, or their dreams and ambitions together.

Likewise, two Scorpios will be prone to grudges. Since Scorpios take things too seriously, they will not tolerate criticisms or things that can bruise their ego. They are slow to forgive and to forget. The truth is, it can be hard to crack what they truly feel because they have the tendency to keep a poker face. But, deep inside, they will plot their revenge and silently stung anyone who crosses their line. The result will be a cycle of mind games and plots.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between two Scorpios if to be rated merits a perfect score because both know and understand each other's ways and mishaps. As water elements, both are highly attuned to their emotional and spiritual side, making the relationship full of security and satisfaction.

The only thing that would probably hinder their growth is when two Scorpios prefer to keep silent about how they feel and would rather hold a grudge towards each other. By avoiding issues that need to be addressed in the first place, two Scorpios will soon create a huge wall between them that can sooner or later destroy their relationship. More so, the intensity they give in their relationship can lead them to being suspicious, jealous, and controlling.

What this relationship need is complete understanding and learning how to open up. Scorpios are so fixed with their points and views that they tend not to listen to what other people say, even with their loved ones or their partner. They are so engulfed with their own negativity that it gets harder for them to face whatever conflicts they have for each other. The key to their relationship's success is if two Scorpios learn to communicate with each other in a calmer but honest tone.
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