Neither sign is quick to anger. Both love to check the rationality of things before jumping to conclusions and making impulsive decisions. One thing Taurus differs in, however, is how they face their anger and approach their feelings. Taurus is known for their extreme patience, and only if things have reached their limits will they burst into their daunting wrath. This is something that no one would want to mess with. Scorpio, on the other hand, may convey that they are forgiving and placid on the outside, but they will never forget any detail, which they will make their partner regret when the opportunity presents itself.

Lastly, both signs are fully committed when they enter any relationship. Both do not tolerate infidelity, and neither is forgiving about it. Taurus and Scorpio both love to keep their promises, and even more so, please their loved ones. And one thing Taurus appreciates about Scorpio is their thoughtfulness and compassionate. Once you win their heart, they will do everything to show you how much they love you; and for Taurus, these are green lights leading to security and stability in a relationship.
They cling more to financial stability and possessions, where as Scorpio is more concerned with social status and power. While Taurus prizes themselves with luxurious things, Scorpio will cloud their minds with introspective intelligence.

Scorpio likes to play around. They are courageous and adventurous. Taurus, on the other hand, is used to doing the things they are used to. Taurus is not comfortable in new surroundings, much less intense situations, which Scorpio loves to bring on because of their mischievous and audacious nature.

And when it comes to emotional tenacity, both signs fail when it comes to showing their feelings. Scorpio, from the outside, may seem detached and remotely uninterested, but inside, they crave affection and attention. Taurus is guilty of being like Scorpio, tough on the outside, but emotionally clingy, and sometimes overly possessive in the inside. Both signs live in an opposite realm; always having different perspective, but all this makes their relationship exciting and fun.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

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Advantages of Scorpio and Taurus Relationship

Taurus and Scorpio are two opposite astrological signs that share a complex, yet exciting connection. Their love match can either turn out to be the best relationship they could ever end up with, or swing by the friendship zone because of their passionate disagreements and diverse personalities.

Both signs share mutual respect and admiration. Taurus is intensely passionate about everything, but has different priorities and concerns. 

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Taurus Relationship

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility
The relationship Taurus and Scorpio share has many wonderful traits. For one, both are passionate lovers.

Though, both signs may take time to show this side of each other, when Taurus gives it, there is no turning back to the wonders and the intimacy that they can offer.

Even though they love more intensely than Scorpio, Scorpio never minds being the center of Taurus' craziness, much less the object of their possession.
Though, the relationship Taurus has with Scorpio may seem to be perfect, there remains flaws that both have to face and accept about each other. For one, Scorpios are very mysterious and secretive. They don't like showing their emotions, much less letting anyone uncover their deepest selves. And no matter how understanding and compassionate Taurus is, they remain reluctant and agitated when their partner keeps secrets from them.

More so, Taurus hates it when Scorpio keeps on challenging them. It is as if Scorpio could never live if they did not keep their stingers at its prime. They love to show off their prowess, stamina, and power. However, if ever Taurus does beat Scorpio, they wait to strike with their stingers again, only to avenge their terrible fall.  They are remorseful and will never back down.

Both signs are sensitive. Small things matter to Taurus, and if their feelings are hurt, they do not take it lightly, though they prefer not to face any confrontations. Taurus likes it when their partner appreciates them, while Scorpio is sensitive about their privacy and space. If ever petty things do get on their nerves, they don't easily vent them out, rather both signs like to pile them up, until such time that they can't handle them anymore, and simply burst into anger, or in Scorpio's case, mischievously make the perpetrator pay for it, big time.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Taurus and Scorpio is full of intensity and passion, and together with their set differences, is more spiced up. What this relationship needs is for both to maintain the good attributes they share with each other, while accepting and adapting to each other's flaws.

Scorpio must understand how a bull thinks when it comes to life and practicality. They are more into stability and security, and would never compromise them over anything else. If Scorpio can help them achieve this, they will be repaid with commitment, and fidelity.

On the flip side, Taurus must never bruise Scorpio's sensitive side. They do not like to be deceived; nor would they appreciate mind games and pretentions. If Taurus opens themselves up a bit more to become more sensitive to Scorpio's needs and how they would want to be cared for in a relationship, then there will not be any other problem that would sit between these two. The love and commitment both share is more than enough to beat the odds of two opposite signs attracting and making a long lasting relationship together.
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