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More so, the relationship leaves no room for infidelity and dishonesty. Libra is a committed individual that, despite all the hustle and bustle of their life, will magically balance everything, especially their love life. They hate being ignored, so they will make sure their loved one gets the best treatment there is, including giving their faithfulness, effort, and all.

The same holds true for Taurus as they strongly dignify themselves with their word of honor and solidity. Taurus does not like change or being around uncomfortable surroundings and people, which probably explains why they are as loyal as they are. They are one zodiac sign who will take extreme seriousness when it comes to love, responsibilities, and commitments.

Lastly, the relationship is full of intimacy and pleasures. Libra always seeks to preserve the harmony in their relationship. Taurus, on the other hand, is very sensual. They love to indulge themselves with intimate moments and pleasures of the senses. Even with a close eye, they already know what they want and how to manifest romantic dinner dates, or quiet time alone with their loved one. Since both parties know how to give in to each other's intimacy, love is always evident.
Even with their line of communication Libra and Taurus will have their differences. Libra will be all about justice and fairness, which quite is contradictory with what Taurus holds important, their financial stability and career. Likewise, Taurus is more focused cleaning up others' messes rather than fixing their own and Libra sees this as a waste of time. Conversations will all revolve around each other's opinion, not allowing the other to affect nor to influence what they hold firm with.

Nonetheless, both will share a strong physical connection. Libra finds satisfaction with how passionate Taurus is when it comes to them. They will constantly feel the love and attention in just the same way as Libra satisfies Taurus' need for reassurance and stability.

If Libra and Taurus take a stance on what really matters in their relationship and stay close to each others' affirmations, despite the despairing incompatibility, the relationship may actually work.
The relationship between Libra and Taurus is something that needs a lot of effort and creativity in order for it to work. While Libra pushes for the balance and rightness of everything, Taurus will act according to their practical instinct. Even with decision making, Taurus tends to be fixed with their opinions and will always cling to what has always worked for them. Libra, on the other hand, will always see the bigger picture of everything, weighing the pros and cons. Because of this, constant clashes will come between Libra and Taurus.
Libra and Taurus Compatibility
One thing blissful between Libra and Taurus is that both can learn from and teach each other new ways and attributes. Libra, being sociable and gregarious, can teach Taurus how to come out of their comfort zone to explore and conquer new realms. Taurus, on the other hand, will be very eager to show Libra how to maximize their resources for financial ventures, which is something they rarely tackle or go into with.
There are numerous things that need fixing in a relationship between these two signs. For one, both need to fix the manner in which they take and view things. Libra has a large social circle making them more flexible and intertwined with different experiences and views. Taurus, on the flip side, is very domestic and home-loving, making them well sheltered and inexperienced when it comes to taking risks. Taurus has a habit of sticking to their old ways. They are so attuned to their comfort zones that they often build a wall against any change imposed on them. And so, when there is a decision that needs to be made, Libra and Taurus will constantly fight on the things they firmly believe in.

Likewise, Taurus is very meticulous when it comes to monitoring their finances. Since Libra can be a bit impulsive and impractical, they will often receive a tremendous scolding from Taurus. More so, Libra's positivity will eat up Taurus' fear of being poor, which can bring continuous struggle between them.

Lastly, Taurus individuals are very clingy. They constantly need attention and affection to the point of demanding it from the people around them. Since Libra needs to fill in their cravings for freedom, they will sometimes push Taurus aside when they are too busy with their obligations.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Libra and Taurus if to be rated can merit a six or a seven because of the incompatibility they share. What this relationship needs is spontaneity, a whole lot of adjustments and effort for this pair to actually work out.
Libra and Taurus will differ both emotionally and intellectually. Libra will take things into a positive note, often looking at the bigger picture of things, whereas Taurus only sticks to what has worked well for them and what is practical. And because Taurus will always have inhibitions, Libra will see this as a lack of faith.

If Taurus simply learns how to adjust and open up to new possibilities as well as new ideas and point of views, then the relationship will be a little lighter knowing that Libra will never disregard them. Likewise, if Libra adjusts and accepts Taurus' practicality and home-bound ways, then Taurus will be extremely grateful.

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Disadvantages of Libra and Taurus Relationship

Advantages of Libra and Taurus Relationship

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Libra and Taurus Compatibility

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