And though this can lead them to tendencies of hiding their true feelings, both will always  end up fixing things in the end. Libra tries to observe and analyze both sides of the situation simply because they loath and detest conflicts and only  hope to achieve peace and keep the relationship as amiable as possible.

Lastly, the relationship is all about balance. Libras are great at finding a balance to everything. No matter how many jars they juggle, they will  always have time for each other, as well as their family and friends. And this leaves no room for insecurities and doubts. Therefore, two Libras  together will fill their relationship with security and stability.
For instance, with decision making, together they can help each other figure out which side to cling to, the side of truth and right.  But, before  anything has been finalized, if their views are not sync with each other, friction is inevitable. Two Libras will have a constant battle for what they  think is right based on the facts and logic they have weighed. Fairness and equality are something both will hold tight to, and if these kinds of  matters are not settled between them, it can slowly weaken their relationship.

More so, Libras have a foreseeable pattern where they will have periods of hyperactivity followed by periods of rest. Again, if two Libras do not match  well with each other's ways, the one experiencing their hyper high will think that the other is lazy, uncooperative, or unfair, whereas the other will  also think the same because the first does not think of their welfare. And so, the relationship will not be in good shape. However, these are just the  very reasons why two Libras in a romantic pairing have a challenging, yet interesting and fun relationship.
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Relationships between the same zodiac sign, if not perfect, are very much compatible. This explains why two Libras in a romantic relationship can merit a nine if not ten because both share exalting planets and elements. Coming from air signs, two Libras will instinctually guide and support each other to  achieve their ambitions and dreams in life. Nonetheless, as leaders and defenders of justice, their knack to weigh the pros and cons of things will make them either great allies or great enemies.  
Libra and Libra Compatibility
It is almost impossible to find two Libras in a relationship not having fun. With Libra's gift of gab and cheerful persona, it is not surprising that the two will likely have a great time and great conversation together. Both can even enjoy simple moments, such as listening to mellow music, going to  art museums, or doing their favorite pastime together. More so, two Libras will preserve the harmony between them. 
Libra, just like their sign the scales of justice, will innately seek fairness and justice in every decision and things that they undertake in their  lives. The idea of closing an eye to what they think is right is impossible. Libras will never tire of arguing for their side, so two Libras with  different points of view and different beliefs will constantly suffer from clashes and disagreements.

Likewise, two Libras together can experience a different level of insanity. Libra can bring chaos to themselves. Despite their balancing act, they will  have periods of highs and periods of lows. They can be cheerful one instant and stubborn and loudly argumentative the next. And if the two have  different states of mind, where one is at their high and the other is lost in the process; constant emotional turmoil is expected.

Sometimes, Libra in the process of weighing the pros and cons of things can get too engrossed in the process. As a result, when there are things that  need to be decided on a timely manner, Libra will always fail, especially if the two needed things to be done at once. Two Libras will take all the time  in the world to think things over as if no one else urgently needs them.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between two Libras can be full of satisfaction and fulfillment. They will build harmony and peace together, as long as their mindset is  in sync. Nonetheless, no matter how compatible two Libras may be, there remain issues that if not addressed can mean the end of their relationship.

What they need is spontaneity and a little compromise. Truth is, there are few adjustments to make. But, to begin with, both must understand each  other's flaws and mishaps. They must be aware that not all the time will both have the same mindset or points of view. If the one does not agree with  the other's decisions or ways, they must be patient. They must realize that issues cannot be resolved by arguments, screams, and mind games not all the  time. Sometimes, all they have to do is settle things out in a peaceful and professional manner.

On the contrary, both must continue doing the things they enjoy together. More than anything, spending quality time and harnessing each other's  positivity can make their relationship stronger and more stable. If two stubborn Libras make these simple adjustments, they will ineveitably have a  lasting relationship.
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Disadvantages of Libra and Libra Relationship

Advantages of Libra and Libra Relationship

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