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Scorpio and Libra make an unlikely connection because the astral elements between them do not work well together.

Just like how air can bring instability and turbulence to a still water is exactly the way Libra can affect Scorpio's fixed personality. Friction often occurs as Libra tries to instill fairness and equality through their decisions and ways, whereas Scorpio will detest any form of dominance.
Libra and Scorpio Compatibility
More so, Scorpio is more emotionally inclined , making them more intense and passionate in love. Libra, on the other hand, tends to follow a logical perspective. The relationship can be great, but because of these aspects, constant power struggles as well as disagreements are inevitable.

Likewise, Libras are known to be flirtatious people whereas Scorpios are shy and lack self-confidence. Often, Libra may arouse Scorpio's jealousy from time to time, and being proactive to detest it is a challenge. It may take more effort and persuasion to push Libra for a commitment.

Nonetheless, as the two delve deeper into the relationship and as both learn to accept and deal with each other's differences, what they have can progress.
There are few things that work favorably for both Scorpio and Libra. For one, both will place so much importance on the relationship. On Libra's end, however, this can be observed on the latter part, soon after they have invested enough trust and emotions.

Scorpio in love has the tendency to know what makes their partner tick, and they revolve around those facts to make their partner happy and to avoid things that can fire up problems. 
The same holds true for Libra, where they seek to bring balance and harmony in all things. This means they will find the drive of goodness even in the worst of situations. Together, Scorpio and Libra will constantly strive to make their relationship work, no matter how despairing it may be.

More so, both do not like being rushed into a decision. Scorpios are very meticulous individuals who will not do anything half way. Libra, on the flip side, cannot stand the idea of making the wrong decisions. Even if it takes longer for a Libra to make their decision, Scorpio will not mind because they know that together with Libra they will always come up with right and best solutions.
Love and romance between Scorpio and Libra demands constant effort to compromise because there are numerous aspects they need to work out. One such instance is that they both have different points of view and ways of doing things.

Scorpio comes from a fixed sign, whereas Libra is more flexible. And on that note, Scorpio is not open to any discussion when Libra tries to push their ideas and perspectives. Libra, on the other hand, does not mind going to and fro, so long as what they bring fairness and balance to everything. Between them, Scorpio will constantly shut the door for any arguments, whereas Libra will never stop trying to make their Scorpio give in, and it will always be a painful cycle.

Scorpio and Libra will also have trust issues. Because of Scorpio's intensity, they cannot help themselves to follow their strong competitive drive, making them extremely jealous, dominant, and possessive. Libra, on the contrary, places so much importance on their freedom. Their large social circle is what keeps them alive. They require special attention making them a graceful social butterfly, and they will unlikely appreciate their partner being aloof in front of their peers, which Scorpio will continuously manage to do.

Lastly, both may solve issues differently. Scorpio is obsessively compulsive and can act dramatically and extremely over anything. They are mindful of what is going on around themselves making them cautiously and emotionally sensitive. Libra, on the other hand, may seem to be cold. Yes, they seek fairness, but they will associate their wellness first over everyone else. And this distance between them is evidence that their relationship is always on rough edges.

Disadvantages of Libra and Scorpio Relationship

Advantages of Libra and Scorpio Relationship

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Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

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What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Scorpio and Libra if to be rated can score a five or a six because the dissimilarities are very evident. Scorpio is fixed and emotional whereas Libra is more logical and analytical, and both rarely meet half way.

What this relationship needs is acceptance and compromise. Scorpio should see past Libra's deliberate ways of taking their time making decisions and tendencies to push their points of view on others. Libra, however, should forgive Scorpio's ways of pushing Libra to their limit every time they refuse to follow their advice.

If Scorpio makes a little adjustment and learns to accept Libra's intricate mind and Libra would try to give in to Scorpio's possession from time to time, then the relationship they have may actually work.

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