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#2 Libra and Gemini – Best Friends

The Libra Gemini relationship will be based on a deep friendship. Libra will look to Gemini to be a constant companion but Gemini can only provide their undivided attention to one person for just so long. Bedtime that includes cuddling and listening to each other will be the most satisfying to this couple. 

#3 Libra and Aries – Mars Loves Venus

The perfect long-term match because they complement each other so well. Your daily Libra Love Horoscope will point out how you both like a lot of variety and thrive on changes. They bring out the best in each other both in and out of the bedroom. In the bedroom they can create an electric energy together. 

#4 Libra and Taurus – Physical vs. Possessions

Both Libra and Taurus appreciate the finer things in life and can sustain a relationship based around the things they both enjoy. Libra is more focused on physical appearance and Taurus is more interested in possessions. Libra likes to have attention all of the time and Taurus sometimes enjoys solitude. This can be a very exciting relationship sexually.
Libra Compatibilty
The Best Astrology Signs for Libra Relationships

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#9 Libra and Scorpio – Exciting Possessions

Libra wants excitement and romance, Scorpio wants to own and be owned by a partner. As long as both get what they need without feeling dominated, this partnership will work out very well. This pair will have a unique sexual chemistry, which will be highlighted in your daily Libra Love Horoscope.

#10 Libra and Sagittarius – Intellectually Curious

Both have a tremendous intellectual curiosity. Libra thinks through everything thoroughly and the Sag is always on the go, trying to learn more about everything. Conversations will be the glue that holds this relationship together. Libra is extremely romantic while Sagittarius doesn’t take intimately intense relationships too seriously. Sexually, these two might enjoy their conversations more than the physical contact. Any union between these two will be a meeting of the minds.

#11 Libra and Capricorn – Who Needs Romance?

This couple may not be the most romantic, but they can build a nice solid relationship. They have a lot in common and could last a long time together. Libra will be stunned by Capricorns show of romance and in turn will shower Capricorn with love and affection. 

#12 Libra and Pisces – Romantic Fantasy

If both are mature, this couple has potential to work out well. Libra desires fantasy romance and Pisces can satisfy that need with ease. You will see indications of this in your daily Libra Love Horoscope. They may spat because Libra seems cold hearted and Pisces seems flighty, but when they make up, it’s legendary! Especially in the bedroom!

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#5 Libra and Cancer – Creative Romantics

Cancer will thrive on Libra’s constant companionship and Libra will enjoy the pampering and flattery offered by Cancer. Both are self starters and will have a strong commitment to the relationship. Watch for tips in your daily Libra Love Horoscope regarding your sexually, both of you are deeply romantic and will have the ability to apply creativity in the bedroom.

#6 Libra and Leo – Look At Me!

Libra exudes a natural beauty and Leo tends to be a bit flashy by way of self-presentation. This duo will harmonize well as long as they respect each other needs and wants, and your daily Libra Love Horoscope will point out these opportunities. At times, they may bicker back and forth just for fun. In bed they can be just as romantic and dramatic as they are out of bed. 

#7 Libra and Virgo – Rational and (Un) Emotional 

Libra and Virgo have a lot to offer each other in a relationship but they may not realize it. Both have the ability to detach from their emotions and can settle disputes rationally instead of emotionally. Sexually this may not be the most passionate relationship, but it could be if they’re willing to work on it. Libra has to learn to overcome their passive sexuality.

#8 Libra and Libra – Complicated Peacefulness 

Two Libras can be complicated but with some honesty about their feelings, they can work out a peaceful relationship. Two Libras can be a contradiction because they usually look to avoid conflict but when they’re in a relationship together they will pick an argument just for the sake of arguing. Use your daily Libra Love Horoscope to improve sex, which can be based on romantic expectations. Two Libras can come up with creative ways to show their love.

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Best and Most Challenging Libra Compatibility Relationships

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#1 Libra and Aquarius – Best Friends with Benefits

This relationship can be the ideal friendship. This couple will always be close to one another. Aquarius will have to learn to spend time away from large groups to provide Libra with the alone time they desire. In bed, Libra and Aquarius will have to work harder than others to demonstrate passion in the bedroom, but this is the ultimate compatibility relationship. Many astrologers believe, perhaps one of the best in all of the zodiac.