And one thing Cancer admires most about Libra is how they seek harmony. If they can, they will resist facing conflicts as much as possible; and sometimes it goes to the extent that they can hide their feelings only to spare others from getting hurt or upset. And since they are naturally social, it becomes easy for Cancer to find long-term friendship with them. Libra possesses natural charm and wit that makes them all the more amiable, both as a friend and a lover.

Cancer and Virgo may differ a bit when it comes to communication, but this leads to a process of acceptance and change.  Both signs can talk about a wide scope of things together, as Libras are natural entertainers and diehard romantics. They are intuitive and very idealistic, and they enjoy talking about culture, art, and other deeper subjects. Likewise, they have a high interest in business and financial stability, which makes Cancer fall head over heels for them.
The truth is, a relationship with Libra can be one of the most challenging relationships Cancer has. There is so much dissimilarity to face, wherein Libra is more logical than sensitive to their needs, and they cling more to their independence rather than focusing on making things work out between themselves and Cancer.

Both signs are natural born leaders, and this often leads to constant clashes and disagreements. Libra may want to bring the relationship to a different realm pushing towards progression and change, whereas Cancer enjoys creating comfort and routines between the two. While Libra focuses on optimistic moves, Cancer will step back and worry a lot. And while Cancer will most likely be old fashioned, Libra will always turn the tide into something more innovative and challenging. All these and more are just a few of the differences this pair would have to handle, which will also make their relationship exciting and fun.
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The relationship between Libra and Cancer is highly incompatible. Libra comes from the air element, whereas Cancer is influenced by their water sign, and in the same way air can bring instability to water, that is how Libra can bring insecurity and wavering to the relationship. In fact, both signs may even be considered natural enemies. While Cancer craves intimacy and emotional security, Libra will shrug them off by being detached and unfocused.
Libra and Cancer Compatibility
Despite the odds, if Libra and Cancer would only focus on the great things they can share together, the relationship could work out.

One thing Cancer would appreciate is Libra's knack to seek balance towards everything, including their decisions, actions, and judgements towards others. In fact, Libra can be Cancer's great protector, keeping a keen eye on anyone who would abuse them or bring injustice to their part.
Unfortunately, there are more to negative attributes that Libra and Cancer need to work out. For instance, Cancer finds Libra to be a bit impractical. Libra is influenced by their Venus planet wherein they place so much importance on their appearance and other superficial things. They put forth so much effort and time, as well, spending so much money only to beautify themselves or make their space presentable, comfortable, and luxurious.

And though Libra can make sound decisions by weighting the pros and cons first, sometimes, they can take too much time. Cancer always looks forward to making things systematic and organized, and when someone can take all the time in the world, it can be a bit irritating and disappointing.

On the flip side, Libra gets annoyed when Cancer becomes overly possessive and jealous. Sometimes, Libra feels strangled, especially if Cancer insists on being included or updated in every activity they get into, which can be a challenge to their airy nature. Likewise, Libra gets upset when Cancer gets into their emotional and sensitive side, especially when they overlook how Cancer feels or they are careless to appreciate what they have done for them. And because Libras are social butterflies, Cancer has the tendency to be paranoid, which Libra greatly disapproves of.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Cancer and Libra, if rated on a scale of one to ten and ten being the highest, the couple will merit a five or a six, only if they won't allow their dissimilarities to pester their relationship. What this relationship needs is for both to learn how to compromise and continue to grow and focus on the things they can share together.
Both have their uniqueness that they can actually use to make things work out. Libra must use their wit and their charm to introduce change and flexibility to their old-fashioned and fixed Cancer, whereas Cancer must use their gentleness and sympathy to lead Libra to a more sensitive and stable state of the relationship. If both make these simply adjustments within themselves, a relationship that is full of satisfaction and love would be possible.

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Disadvantages of Libra and Cancer Relationship

Advantages of Libra and Cancer Relationship

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Libra and Cancer Compatibility

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