Both have a common goal, and that is to make each other happy. Libra sees past Leo's self-centered and bossy attitude. They understand that this is the lion's only way to feel secured and loved. Therefore, they do not mind being bossed around if it is the only way to make their Leo satisfied and happy.

More so, the communication line between them is excellent. Leo and Libra are both extrovert and so they will not have a hard time imposing something out of the box or outside their comfort zones. One thing that Leo cannot tolerate is boredom, whereas Libra enjoys the company of diverse social circles.

The only thing that may come as a problem between them is when Libra sees inequality and rudeness in Leo. Leo has the tendency to be critical, throwing harsh words with their indifferent tone. And since Libra seeks balance and harmony, they will never appreciate this side of Leo. However, all these traits and more make their relationship challenging, yet exciting.
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Intimacy and passion run deep between Leo and Libra. Both share similar attributes making their relationship full of satisfaction and fulfilment. 

Leo plays the role of the leader, whereas Libra will be Leo's source of inspiration and life. Leo finds it charming how Libra thinks of them as a true king whereas Libra's encouraging ways to give constant attention and compliments simply makes Leo fall head over heels all the time.
Libra and Leo Compatibility
The relationship between Libra and Leo has so many positive things about it. For one, there is security between them. Leo and Libra always make sure that infidelity has no room in their relationship. And despite their differences, both believe that everyone always deserves a second chance.
More so, there is never a dull moment between Leo and Libra. While Leo plans for the next trip or vacation, Libra will introduce new things, such as new music, fine art, literature, and poetry.  Libra likes anything that can promote beauty and balance in nature, which Leo will appreciate as they, too, love enjoying serenity of a poolside, beach, or any activity where they can enjoy peace and being pampered.

Libras have a fun streak to engage in meaningful arguments. Libra loves most is finding the naked truth, and as communicative and informative as Leo is, they will always give Libra a good fight. And this all the more makes their relationship exciting.
Just like any relationship, the one that Leo and Libra shares also has some down sides. To start with, the lion can be too temperamental and remorseful of themselves. If you are a friend or a loved one of a Leo, you will know that they will constantly suffer from periods of aggression, anxiety, and depression, which sometimes can lead them to make impulsive decisions, such as starting a quarrel or breaking up with their partners. But, if you understand them very well, you know that things they do will simply pass.

More so, Leo feels so superior. They have this "me first" behavior that constantly gets Libra agitated. They always need constant attention and appreciation. In fact, they always expect compliments, even for the smallest things they do. And since Leo can be a bit authoritative themselves, this often leads to constant clashes.

On the contrary, Leo will find Libra to be too confident in themselves. They will never admit being wrong because they feel they do not make any wrong choices by rushing into something without thinking it through a million times. Libra's arrogance often disregards other's feelings. Even if Leo gives their sound advice, Libra blows off Leo with their reasoning abilities. Likewise, their tendency to maintain balance and equality can constantly annoy their Leo mate.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Libra and Leo, if to be rated, can merit an eight or a nine from a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest. Their compatibility is incomparable as both mesh well intellectually and emotionally.

What this relationship needs is spontaneity and balance. To start with, Leo must seek to control their temperaments, as well as their tendency to be a domineering and bossy. They must understand that Libra finds this as an act of cruelty because they, too, can independently make their own sound decisions. Leo must give their Libra enough leeway to just be themselves. Leo must never feel complacent that even if Libra does not let their anger cloud their judgement, there will come a time that their patience will run out.
On the contrary, Libra should continue to stimulate Leo's need for attention and love. Letting Leo know that they are the center of your world makes them feel elated. Leo will love Libra's optimism, strong sense of balance, and enthusiasm. And if Libra continues to understand this, Leo will shower them with much more in return.

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Disadvantages of Libra and Leo Relationship

Advantages of Libra and Leo Relationship

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