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Primary Power to be used for your Gemini Compatibilty
The best matches for a Gemini Compatibility are:  Libra, Aquarius, and Leo. The relationships you may have difficulty with are:  Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

#1 Gemini and Libra: Chemistry at First Sight

When it comes to Gemini Compatibility, the best partner for a Gemini is a Libra. Gemini are naturally drawn to the sophistication and social network of a Libra. With Gemini always being the life of the party, it's clear to see the heart of this chemistry. Libras are quite flexible and adapt easily making them have a huge amount of patience of the scatter-brained Gemini. Ultimately, it's Libra's popularity that will make the first impression on Gemini heart.
The Best Astrology Signs for Gemini Relationships

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Compatible With Gemini

#5 Gemini and Cancer: Indomitable Cancer Conquers Fear of Commitment

Cancer has the "can-do" of all "can-do" attitudes, the most indomitable spirit. Cancer will never quit. They are in it for the long haul. This attitude can help Gemini through some of the tougher challenges in life, like fear of commitment. Together, Cancer will help Gemini to flourish, and you will see evidence of this in your daily Gemini Love Horoscope.

#6 Gemini and Aries: The Challenge and the Personalities

Gemini are fun loving and charming. They just happen to have a split personality. If anyone can deal with that it would be Aries. Aries is always up for a challenge. As long as Gemini can tolerate Aries temper and selfishness, these two can make it.

#7 Gemini and Capricorn: Avoid Arguments with Communication

Capricorns are another sign that is in motion 24-7. Capricorns are hard-work and organized folks. Your daily Gemini Love Horoscope will help to see when this can either help Gemini get organized or it will be the seed of many arguments.

#8 Gemini and Gemini: Together or Apart in Motion?

Gemini are notoriously always in motion. As long as the motions are in the same direction this is a good thing. However, if the motions stray apart from each other, this could be bad for the relationship. Gemini are known for split personalities, with two Gemini under one roof it could get a bit crowded.
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#2 Gemini and Aquarius: Free to Be

Aquarius offers Gemini the freedom they seek. Their non-possessive nature can be appealing to the ever moving Gemini. The qualities of high intelligence and friendliness are also much sought after traits that Aquarius offers to Gemini. Keep in mind that Aquarius will tend to give up a tad too easily, so if you're interested, Gemini, you better make your move fast, and your daily Gemini Love Horoscope will tell you when it's a good time.

#3 Gemini and Leo: Going Places Together

If Gemini can see past the immaturity of Leo, they also make a good match. Leo's strong "top-dog" attitude is certainly alluring to Gemini. Leo can get Gemini into places they never dreamed of using Leo's strong promotional talents. A good match for Gemini Compatibility.

#4 Gemini and Scorpio: Let the Adventure Begin!

Gemini and Scorpio are always up for adventure. Gemini is a curious creature, while Scorpio is protecting. This combination will let Gemini venture into new things while having the security of protection from Scorpio. The two are great together and compliment each other with loyalty and understanding.
#9 Gemini and Taurus: Too Much of a Home Body

Taurus and Gemini are true opposites. Taurus is content stay home, taking care of the home front. Gemini is perpetually in motion. Gemini always has to be the center of attention, where Taurus could care less about the spotlight. Use your daily Gemini Love Horoscope to improve on your relationship connections.

#10 Gemini and Pisces: The Turn-Off of Passiveness

Pisces are much too passive to pacify Gemini. Not to mention, Pisces lack of self-esteem is a complete turn off to Gemini. Gemini lives vicariously, spur of the moment, always in motion. Since Pisces tends to do things out of obligation and guilt, it takes the fun out of Gemini's sails. While Pisces needs someone strong to boost them out of their shell, Gemini is just too busy to be able to give the attention. It's not for a lack of devotion, just a lack of time.

#11 Gemini and Virgo: The Wet Blanket Approach

Gemini views Virgo as another wet blanket, like Pisces. Virgos worry too much for a Gemini to be able to relax and have fun around. Virgos are true perfectionists at heart. Gemini’s personality makes them flighty and as a result they rarely repeat things for fear of being creatures of habit. These two signs are simply oil and water when it comes Gemini to compatibility.

#12 Gemini and Sagittarius: Struggle for Attention

Sagittarius, you are out of luck. You are too much of a threat to Gemini. Gemini is always the life of every party and given the way Sagittarius has never met a stranger, it's seen as threatening. Simply put, Sagittarius will steal the show every time, and specific events of this will pop up in your daily Gemini Love Horoscope.

In addition to the show-stealing, Gemini just has no tolerance for Sagittarius' ups and downs. Gemini is too busy on the go to stop and console a distraught Sagittarius. These two signs together can make for some rocky times and loads of hurt feelings on the Sagittarius' part.

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