Gemini has this innate nature to please their partner; giving them everything they need and want. They are so expressive of their love, that anyone they share it with will reciprocate the same level of fondness and ingenuity they share.

Gemini people are open-minded, but sometimes Pisces can have a hard time digesting and understanding their ideas. At times, the Gemini's opinions can be too futuristic, too planned, and without heart, where as Pisces makes decisions and forms opinions based on their emotions and what is needed at the present time. Nonetheless, no matter how difficult relationships with a Gemini may be, Pisces still remains fond of their personality, wit, and charm; making their relationship worth keeping.
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There is always an instant connection and admiration between Pisces and Gemini. They both have the same drive, views, and concepts about life. Both Gemini and Pisces are intuitive and can be guided by their emotions rather than the call of their intellectual side. Though there are times where Gemini can be insensitive, their wit, charm, and sense of humor can sweep out their rigidity. The bond Pisces shares with Gemini may never be perfect, but it is the kind of relationship worth keeping. 
What The Relationship Needs

This relationship may not be the best match-up among all other zodiacs, but with a little push and effort, it can be one of those that can move mountains. Both can initially be attracted to each other's positivity and imaginative nature. Gemini will admire Pisces' artistic mind, while Pisces is attracted to Gemini's gleeful lifestyle. However, as the relationship progresses, they need to learn to adapt and compromise.

Both need to take an extra leap to communicate what they feel, need, and want. Pisces can be shy but sensitive, and Gemini never likes this about them, where as Gemini can be giving and sociable, but tactless wherein Pisces can get hurt all the time. If both learn to communicate well and speak their minds on things and issues that they dislike or wish their partner to change, things will greatly work in their favor, as both are flexible and adaptable.

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Gemini and Pisces Compatibility
The relationship Pisces has with Gemini is full of advantages. Both  are flexible and adaptable to new things and new environments. Though Pisces may not be as sociable as Gemini, they do understand where Gemini comes from, how they can demand their space and freedom, and how they need to explore new heights and possibilities. The connection Pisces has with Gemini is on a different level. They both have deep admiration for each other.

The creative, personal, charming, and sensitive Gemini can make a Pisces fall head over heels with them. Both are emotional and sensible, and to deem their relationship as very important. Likewise, they can be both forgiving and givers as a lover. Though Gemini may speak without thinking, their sincerity and their true intentions can pacify their being tactless. Their views and opinions have great influence in Pisces, especially in times when their idealism and many wants cause the Pisces to become unfocused.
There are so many things Pisces admires about Gemini, which can make this relationship pairing quite promising. However, just like any other, both signs have set dissimilarities that can hinder the growth of their relationship. Geminis are known as good orators; they have the gift of gab. They can charm almost anyone, but they sometimes fail to think before they speak.

Likewise, both Pisces and Gemini are full of energy towards everything. Both have enthusiasm to start something new, but fail to finish it to the end. Neither has any focus, and this can wear them both down easily. If neither one steps out and breaks the habit, they will both remain undirected all throughout the relationship.

Lastly, Gemini with their dual nature can be so unpredictable. Pisces will never know when their Gemini partner's mood swings will strike or how they will react to given situations. And though, they can be adaptable and flexible, Geminis rarely reciprocate any commitment.

Don'ts with this Relationship

This relationship can start really well for Pisces and Gemini, but as it progresses, their set differences start cropping up. Pisces constant need for affection and reassurance that they are loved and appreciated can tire Gemini and put them off. Pisces can get hurt when Gemini fails to notice the very qualities they liked about them in the first place. Pisces can be emotionally overpowering while Gemini remains averse to their feelings. Reading your Daily Gemini Love Horoscope with help you understand these traits so you can learn to better compromise with your partner.

It is important that both learn to adapt to each other's personalities for this relationship to work. Pisces should not forget that Gemini is a popular person. They can mingle with everybody from all walks of life, and because of Pisces' possessiveness, their Gemini partner can pull away from them.

Being an intellectual person, Gemini may often speak before they can think. This leads to tactless conversations and arguments. They can be restless, and quick to change in a varied atmosphere. Pisces should not be too sensitive when these things happen. It is Gemini's simple nature. They should learn to let such things pass and learn to adapt to their ways for this relationship to work.

Gemini, on the other hand, must learn to evaluate themselves first before they scrutinize or ignore their Pisces mate as they can be overly emotional and sensitive. They should not utter words that can start a fire. In addition, they should not become overly sociable as their Pisces can be jealous and emotionally possessive. You will learn more about this when you read your Daily Horoscopes for Gemini.
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Disadvantages of Gemini and Pisces Relationship

Advantages of Gemini and Pisces Relationship

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Gemini and Pisces Compatibility Relationship

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