They are only concerned with the present, and only anticipate the promise of a pleasant future. They live in a fantasy and have no regard for personal or career stability.  Capricorn will gradually show Gemini the pleasures of stability and enjoying the fruits of their labors. It may be hard for Gemini to quickly adapt at the beginning, but with Capricorn's perseverance, things will eventually become favorable for the two of them.

Gemini, on the other hand, will teach Capricorn the importance of not just ambitions and dreams, but the value of life itself. Yes, they can be impulsive and indecisive, but for them, these are the very ingredients that make life exciting. Living for the moment, then again, may be hard for Capricorn to digest, but with Gemini's continuous effort, Capricorn will soon learn to adapt.

The journey of romance and love between Capricorn and Gemini may not be smooth sailing, but it is one that is worth fighting and trying for. If both put all their efforts to making adjustments and compromise, then the impossible may just bring about positive results.
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Unless Capricorn and Gemini are highly determined to make things work between them, the relationship they have may not be helpful for honing their character as individuals much less as lovers.

Their elements are discordant to each other, where Capricorn is influenced by earth and Gemini by air. And just how unpredictable air can be is same way they can bring intimidation and overwhelming confusion to a practical and fixed persona of a Capricorn. 
Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility
Setting rules from the beginning of the relationship is very critical to the process of acceptance and adaptation of each other's indifferences. Knowing Gemini's inability to control impulses, Capricorn should be extra patient dealing with these mishaps as Capricorn can be temperamental themselves with the slightest turn of events. On the contrary, Gemini should lower their gusto for change and new experiences and ideas. They must try to understand that Capricorn is a person of stability and insight, and one thing important to them is self-empowerment and achieving their dreams. To be a hindrance to their success also means an end to their relationship.

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Add to that, both are impatient making adjustments and compromises, making their union a totally hopeless.

Communication is another struggle, where Capricorn can be anti-social and Gemini is a certified social butterfly. When Gemini wants to go out and socialize, Capricorn prefers to stay home with the company of their loved ones. And here, Capricorn and Gemini will see numerous barriers, where Gemini will care less about Capricorn's goals, and Capricorn will have no regard for Gemini's social circles.  And when honesty strikes them, the two will go nowhere as they have different wants and needs.

When it comes to emotional inclination, Capricorn and Gemini will still face abundant upheavals. Both will never satisfy each other's cravings, where Capricorn is clueless of how to carry out sentimental gestures, and Gemini is busy building their social empire. Both will have no time for each other, much less catching up with intimate moments. The physical attraction is present, but it needs more encouragement for the two to actually become involved as romantic lovers. Nonetheless, with strong commitment and effort, two completely opposite signs can turn out to be great lovers.
One thing evidently blissful about Capricorn and Gemini's relationship is that both can learn from each other. For instance, Capricorn can teach Gemini patience and determination, whereas Gemini can show Capricorn ways to innovate and free themselves from their stressors. Capricorns are optimistic individuals who work hard for their success. They love to grow and put forth a lot of energy to fulfill personal ambitions. Gemini, however, runs the opposite.
Capricorns find it difficult to appreciate Gemini's gestures to leave options open. Gemini cannot cope with reality, so they see to it that they experience variation of things and ideas, but Capricorn only sees numerous possibilities of failures and mishaps. Capricorns are grabbers of opportunities, and leaving one behind is a big no-no. They crave success and every plus point that can help them reach their dreams must be seized. Gemini, however, likes to wait, explore, and experience, hoping that once they do turn around, things are as pleasant as it still seems for them. Their motto, "Worry not of tomorrow and always live for the moment," something that constantly breaks Capricorn's knack for security.

More so, when it comes to decision making, Capricorn and Gemini will always clash. Capricorn likes thing well planned and sorted out. Gemini, on the contrary, is very impulsive, someone who will alter things at the last minute without even prior notice. And disputes Capricorn's spontaneous gestures to take actions, they will not take turn of events lightly. Taking risks is something that is not in their forte. They have to analyze carefully every event and consequences. Together, Gemini will always end up frustrated, whereas Capricorn a bit worried about their future with each other.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Capricorn and Gemini is something special, but it may take time and a whole lot of effort to actually see things come favorable for them. The two come from complete opposite sides of the zodiac chart, and what they need to make things work out is communication and compromise.

Disadvantages of Gemini and Capricorn Relationship

Advantages of Gemini and Capricorn Relationship

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Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

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