Geminis are progressive and straightforward. They prefer to instantaneously act upon the problem rather than thinking of the consequences first and then taking action. They hate delay, and this is where they can be of great help to Taurus. Taurus individuals are the exemplar of being stubborn and rigid. They tend to be rigid on issues that need to be addressed and would prefer to wait and watch how things will turn out. Taking action is only an option if Taurus' security is jeopardized, one thing that will always get Gemini's disapproval. Gemini can teach Taurus how to live life in the moment, to not be afraid to take risks, and to always follow their instinct rather than taking the side of practicality and stability.

Taurus and Gemini make a great tag team. Gemini is full of ideas, and their imagination is limitless. On the contrary, Taurus loves adventure and having fun, but more so in the comfort of their own home. They also find pleasure in luxurious and grand things. When the two signs are together, there is never a dull moment. Gemini is great conversationist and the things Taurus can share with them can make the relationship much more exciting.
The only problem arises when Gemini likes two opposite things at the same time. They can be all intimate and cuddly one instance, and be furious and demanding their freedom the next.

Likewise, Gemini can be quite the social butterfly. They love to explore new boundaries and want someone who can share the same interests. Taurus, on the other hand, loves to spend time at home. They place much importance to practicality and security whereas Gemini couldn't care less and are unrestricted to do as they please.

Furthermore, Gemini can change their mind so quickly that it tends to put Taurus on edge. Taurus gets worried whenever they think about Gemini's impulsiveness and uncertainties. And if Taurus ever tries to give sound advice, things usually result in a heated argument, and this is something they find difficult to comprehend. The only time that the relationship gets rough around the edges is if Taurus' patience snaps and all is left to do is attack. Gemini can be a charmer, and relationships with them are generally exciting, but only in the beginning. It gets tougher and more tiresome towards the end.
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Having a relationship with a twin can be both exciting and a whirlwind romance. Gemini has a split personality and, therefore, Taurus has to put forth much more effort and understanding to make the relationship work.

Taurus admires how Gemini can be intelligent and clever, whereas Gemini admires Taurus' practical and steady side. 
Gemini and Taurus Compatibility
Since both signs are complete opposites, it can be very obvious that they would clash on some points and views. However, this can make the relationship more challenging and exciting. For one, Taurus may constantly feel frustrated whenever Gemini seems to be uninterested and cold. Gemini rarely pays attention to the things Taurus is fascinated about, such as making crafts, travelling, luxurious things, and even their love for anything homebound. Geminis are more into socializing, solving problems, and using their imagination rather than staying home and doing nothing or what they consider to be boring things with Taurus.

On the contrary, Gemini hates it when they are pinned down. Taurus' nature to be overly jealous and possessive has the potential to constantly cause trouble. Geminis are more likely to change their mind from white to gray in a flick of a moment, and because of this, they could never stand people who stick to the rules, much less those who restrict them from doing what they love.

Lastly, both signs differ in their views when it comes to security, which is one thing Taurus places much importance on. Security for Taurus is the power to do the things they want to do without having any worries. To them, having holes in their pockets or being unstable is a sign of weakness and irresponsible, one thing that can be inevitable if you don't think ahead to what is best, not only for yourself but for your loved one as well. However, Gemini is never like that. They will do whatever they want without thinking of the consequences, something that will always fuel heated arguments and disagreements.

What The Relationship Needs 

The love match between Gemini and Taurus may seem to be an unlikely pair at first, as their set differences may always take a toll on their decisions and views, but as both accept and adapt to each other's points, both can find a great partner from one another.

What this relationship needs is for both to be able to provide enough leeway. Taurus must be able to adjust to how Gemini thinks and makes decisions. With their split personality, they can make impulsive decisions and then change them instantaneously without remorse.
There is much to learn and give between the two signs, making the Taurus and Gemini relationship so pleasurable. Gemini has the gift of gab and witty repartee that Taurus continuously finds interesting. Gemini has the ability to teach Taurus how to go beyond their comfort zones and how to take pleasures in variety, whereas Taurus can teach Gemini how to gain peace and stability in their hectic life.
Taurus must tone down their protective and secure nature and level it to how Gemini wants independence. On the contrary, Gemini must understand how Taurus demands love and attention. They want someone who can appreciate every little thing they do, from their wackiest humor to their most boring choices. Gemini should find time to show Taurus they are interested and are willing to give in to their emotional and clingy side.

If both learn and accept each other's ways, nothing can make these two inseparable. Gemini can find security in Taurus whereas Taurus can find variety and change with Gemini. Their love match may not be paradise, but theirs is enough to make a lifetime partnership with each other.

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Disadvantages of Gemini and Taurus Relationship

Advantages of Gemini and Taurus Relationship

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