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There are a lot of similarities between Aquarius and Gemini, which makes their union very promising. Gemini can stimulate Aquarius mentally whereas Aquarius loves their visions and ideas. Both have energy and passion, which plays to their advantage. Aquarius appreciates Gemini's warmth and effort to provide security, the very traits they long for in a partner. On the other hand, Gemini sees Aquarius' passion as well as a whole lot of interesting things to discover about them.
Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility
What The Relationship Needs

Aquarius is known to be a stone-hearted individual while Gemini is known for their unpredictable dual personality. Though they have set different traits, they share an excellent rapport with their intellectual aspect. They can engage in deep conversations, explore their imaginative minds, and put into actions their ambitious dreams.

What this relationship need is consistency and spontaneity, as both can easily get bored and tired with their relationships. They must be able to keep up with each other's energy and sustain the fire in them with variety. They must together explore new adventure and encourage each other's mind; sufficient enough to keep their relationship going.

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The compatibility between them shows as they cling more to their logical side. They not only love to come up with new and inventive ideas, but they put them into action. Aquarius and Gemini are strong and natural dreamers. Gemini will charm Aquarius with their wit while Aquarius will encourage Gemini to keep on going.

When Aquarius and Gemini come together, great things happen. Both are highly driven, whether it be in career or love, making their relationship very promising.
Flexibility is something that Aquarius and Gemini are advantageous of in their relationship. Anything goes for both of them. They can reinvent and experiment about everything. There is no taboo for them. Their flaws and inconsistencies are not even that much of an issue. Furthermore, both always share deep conversations with each other. Almost all pf the time, they share the same interests and viewpoints.

And to some extent, both even have the same opinions on things, and may even finish each other's sentences. Aquarius and Gemini share an excellent logical rapport with each other.

Lastly, both place much importance on their freedom. Both understand how they need space from time to time, and therefore, they do not hinder each other to grow, mingle, or do the things they want.  They love variety and changes, and to explore and savor new experiences. However, Gemini's unpredictability can sometimes over power Aquarius, but nothing beats surprises in a relationship.
One of the biggest drawbacks of this relationship is Aquarius and Gemini's ability to deal with their emotions. Just like Gemini, Aquarius would rather pull away from issues that they think may jeopardize the relationship and let things cool down first or, better yet, just let them die down. Both are never good handling emotional turmoil.

Also, because of Gemini's fast paced energy, it can sometimes be too hard for Aquarius to catch up with them. They want to do so many things. They can like one interest and move to the next as quick as they liked the first. Though, this only means that they will never bore Aquarius, it can also be tiring and challenging.

Lastly, Gemini is not emotionally expressive. They have a split personality that can sometimes be bothersome. They can be okay at first and be agitated the next. At times, it will be hard to figure them out. Aquarius may want a partner who is not too emotional and clingy, but Gemini will always disappoint them.

Don'ts With a Gemini and Aquarius Relationship

Aquarians think that they know everything, and when they are corrected, you can find them very defensive, hard to accept the fact that they are wrong. And since Gemini can also be mental challengers, it is a must that they understand how to handle their partner's emotional tantrums.

Both are extroverts and open-minded, but Aquarius is quite different. They are high-spirited, but they are also known rebels. If they want something, they must get it. They will always find a way; however, it will be to get what they want. And as instantaneous as Gemini is, they must give enough leeway and continue to encourage their Aquarius partner.

Lastly, Gemini always goes for the excitement of the chase, but once they are half way into the relationship, they become restless and begin to wander around for their next romantic interest. They easily become restless with their partner if they don't get the excitement and entertainment they want. Their Aquarius mate must never be complacent; they must keep the fire fueled for the love to flourish. The best way to tickle your Gemini is through their love for adventure and knowledge.

Disadvantages of Gemini and Aquarius Relationship

Advantages of Gemini and Aquarius Relationship

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Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility

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