Cancer finds no problem instilling new ideas and concepts, especially when it comes to financial stability, promoting excellence in career, and encouraging hard work. In fact, Gemini has this amazing ability to multitask, maybe due to their split personality. Likewise, they are persuasive and people-oriented, making them great business partners and co-workers.

And, though Gemini may want to project a detached and strong persona, there will still be times that they also crave attention and affection, and this is where Cancer fills the bill. Cancer can provide the right amount of love and care Gemini wants, if they want it and when they want it. The only problem is if Cancer initiates it themselves and Gemini rejects it, this will always hurt Cancer's ego.
As quickly as Cancer can change their mood, Gemini's gusto towards something can change instantaneously as well. They will want one thing so badly one minute and change their interest the next second. Probably, this is because of their split personality, which is also the focal point of Cancer's  adjustments. It can be hard to read what Gemini wants, much less what they feel and what they think.

Likewise, the communication line between the two signs is so poor. Gemini, though blessed with the gift of gab, is not as expressive and emotionally inclined as Cancer is. They would rather keep whatever emotions they have for someone, because for one, they want to maintain a good status quo, and two, because they are just not good at facing their emotions. All these traits make the Gemini and Cancer relationship a bit challenging, but never impossible to patch up and work out.
The relationship Cancer has with Gemini may need more than luck for it to work. Both signs come from different realms as Gemini can be unpredictable and detached, whereas Cancer can be overly sensitive and clingy. While Cancer likes the idea of belonging, Gemini will do everything they can to preserve their independence and avoid things that can threaten it. More so, Gemini loves change. One thing they will never stand for is boredom. 
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Gemini and Cancer Compatibility
Though, it may be hard to imagine, the relationship between a Gemini and Cancer has its own perks and advantages. For one, Geminis are good-natured and happy people. When the two signs are together, it is expected that they will always have a great time. When they are in their highs, things just fall into place.

The amount of energy Gemini can give Cancer is limitless and all things seem possible. But then, when they are at their lows, they tend to be helpless with their temperaments and mood swings. More so, Gemini can be open-minded and progressive, which Cancer admires the most about them.
Sadly, the relationship Cancer has with Gemini can be full of challenges. First stop, Cancer and Gemini do not match well emotionally. While Cancer craves closeness and intimacy in the relationship, Gemini will remain blank and detached. They do not like showing any emotion because for them this makes them vulnerable to further hurt and disappointments.

Likewise, it is so hard to keep up with Gemini. It is always hard to figure out what they really want. They can change their mind in a snap of a finger and, since Cancer values stability, this can always ring a bell. Furthermore, Geminis are not as traditional as Cancers are. They cling more to transitioning things, rather than sticking to one thing and boring themselves.

And since Gemini can be too sociable, this can often raise an eyebrow between the two signs, especially if Cancer sees a potential threat that can harm their relationship. Add to that, Gemini makes a lot of excuses ,and this all the more adds to Cancer's  suspicions. When they make their alibis, Cancer ends up accepting them as if they have no other choice but to yield.

What The Relationship Needs 

The relationship between Cancer and Gemini may seem to be an unlikely pair at first, but as both make a few compromises and adjustments, it can become a stable, long-term relationship. For Cancer, they should be more open to new possibilities and change with Gemini. Gemini needs to be be more expressive of their feelings. These changes would probably be the start of deeper understanding and flexibility between them.
Cancer must understand that because of Gemini's split personality, they can be impulsive and indecisive, and this about them they simply have to learn to love. Likewise, Gemini should understand that Cancer is not as sociable and open-minded as they are, so they must give their Cancer enough leeway to adjust to their ways. If these two learn to give and take, the relationship they can share would be full of satisfaction, love, and joy.

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Disadvantages of Gemini and Cancer Relationship

Advantages of Gemini and Cancer Relationship

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Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

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