On the contrary, their relationship leaves no scarcity for love. Leo is very affectionate and, like lions, they will fiercely protect their loved ones. Gemini, on the other hand, will reciprocate this with loyalty and generosity. And since Gemini has high regard for relationship, they will do their very best to maintain an amiable union with their loved one, even after big fights or arguments. Gemini will try to salvage what they have with Leo because of the high respect they are given.
The only thing that may come as a problem between Leo and Gemini is with the issue of permanence and security. Gemini is a changeable sign making them sociable and flexible among others, whereas Leo is fixed, always sticking to the usual things are used to. And when Gemini meets and socializes with other people, Leo's radar for infidelity is alerted.

Gemini's span of attention is short, so they need constant effort from Leo to keep them going. They are probably one of the signs in the zodiac that are hardest to pin down. Security and stability within the relationship come after a long period of engagement, only if they see that their partner is willing to be with them all throughout, and this requires a tremendous length of patience from a Leo. Nonetheless, as soon as Gemini sees Leo's warmth and charm, they will simply orbit themselves around Leo. All this and more make Leo and Gemini's relationship exciting and interesting.
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Gemini and Leo make an excellent pair. Both come from compatible signs, where Leo is influenced by Fire and Gemini with Air; and just as fire needs air to sustain its existence, Leo finds Gemini important in their lives. Gemini knows the things that can tick on and tick off Leo, while Leo stimulates Gemini's great mind and love for adventure. Leo and Gemini see great things in each other, which is why both do not see the need to leave their source of inspiration and life.
Gemini and Leo Compatibility
There are so many great things that can happen between Leo and Gemini. For one, Gemini brings variety and excitement to the relationship. Gemini does not like doing things twice. Boredom is one thing they can never tolerate. However, Leo's fiery nature works well for Gemini's favor, both can experience exciting and great things together. And when it comes to their line of communication, Leo and Gemini will have no problem.

Gemini understands Leo and they know that all they need is attention, constant gestures of love, and loads of compliments in order to feel secured. And since Gemini is very communicative, Leo will appreciate Gemini even more.
There is one thing significant that will always bother a Gemini, and that is when someone tries to pin them down. Because of their split personality, they are prone to be impulsive. They can want one thing so bad one instant and quickly change their mind the next. And for a fixed sign, Leo sees this as an opportunity to direct their madcap mate. They tend to impose rules and regulations, which Gemini will quickly dismiss, and when they do so, Leo's ego is deeply bruised to the extent that they become more temperamental, possessive, and jealous.

On the flip side, Leo finds Gemini uncommitted. Though, Gemini can be capable of loyalty, the feeling of uneasiness remains when they think about letting go of their independence and freedom. They hate being pressured. Gemini will simply come around on their terms and in their own perfect time. Leo just has to realize that patience is the only key to make Gemini submit to the relationship.

What The Relationship Needs

Leo and Gemini can share a fulfilling and blissful relationship together. Despite a few turbulences they may face, together they make an excellent team. What this relationship need is a little patience, spontaneity, and compromise.

Leo must understand that there is nothing more important to a Gemini than their independence, so they must not lead them into a relationship full of restrictions and restrains. Patience and a whole lot of compromise is needed for Gemini to see the opportunity to come around to what their Leo is looking for. If Gemini changes their mind abruptly or if they seek time off, Leo must just be there to give in, and in return, Gemini will simply reciprocate it with loyalty and love.
On the contrary, Gemini must see to it that they constantly satisfy Leo's need for attention and affection. A simple gesture of being interested in everything they do, or a sweet compliment or two, are enough to make Leo feel secured and loved. If these signs make the most out of their relationship by following these simple, there is no stopping these two from developing a relationship with staying power. 

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Disadvantages of Gemini and Leo Relationship

Advantages of Gemini and Leo Relationship

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Gemini and Leo Compatibility

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