If Gemini plays the leader one time, then drops it to be the most intimate lover the next, Leo is willing to adjust to their split personality. Even when Gemini impulsively changes their mind, Leo will graciously support them all the way.

There is never a dull moment between these two signs. Leo is creative and they can easily stimulate Gemini with their wild and vast ideas. Conversations between them are also open. The flexibility between Gemini and Leo is admirable. Leo's charm and generosity are their number-one assets, things that will inevitably sweep Gemini off their feet.
However, when it comes to the emotional aspect, Gemini and Leo can differ a bit. Leo is more cliché. They are in love with the idea of love, and are more intertwined with their feelings. They are affectionate, passionate, and more intimate. Gemini, on the other hand, is more reserved, aloof, and in denial of their feelings. If they can hide them, they will until such time as they believe their lover has captured their trust and heart. Love for Gemini is never their first priority. They generally pursue their career and ambitions, but their love life sometimes comes last.

On a brighter side, there is an open communication line between these two signs. The things Gemini finds interesting are the same things Leo is interesed in. Both enjoy being creative and inventive. Insecurities are never an issue, and despite their differences, they manage to take things lightly and at a positive perspective, making this relationship not only promising, but celestially bound.
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The relationship between Leo an Gemini always brings mutual respect and admiration. Both signs get along well together. Like Gemini, Leo is level-headed and outgoing. They are not afraid to take risks and go big with their ambitions.

They are hard working, and have a childlike enthusiasm towards everything, making a relationship between the pair full of fun, satisfaction, and happiness.
Leo and Gemini Compatibility
The relationship Leo and Gemini share is a blissful one. There are a lot of aspects that work well together. For one, Leo is very loyal. They always take pride in their restraint and discipline. Infidelity for them is a form of a shameful failure. There is security and stability with them, and because of this, Gemini never loses faith in them and in the relationship. Both signs understand each other well. Leo is very systematic to accept the different roles Gemini plays in the relationship.
There are only a few attributes that Gemini and Leo need to work on. For one, Leo tends toexpect too much from the relationship. Yes, they can be the most understanding and caring partner, but they can be clingy and sensitive as well. The key to winning their heart is through constant appreciation and attention. In everything that they do, they must be flattered. It makes them feel more special if their partner gives them the most endearing words and extremly intimate moves. And since Geminis are not as open with their feelings, this always leads to constant frustrations and disappointments from Leo.

On the flip side, Leo can complain about so many things about Gemini.  Gemini can be very impulsive and indecisive. Leo strives for stability and security. In times when Leo needs Gemini's utmost say on things, Leo finds it agitating to wait for Gemini's action. They can also be startled with the rash things Gemini may do.

Furthermore, Geminis are not one to likely make instantaneous commitments when they are in a relationship. It takes time for them to trust. It always becomes hard for Gemini to let go of their freedom much less to become submissive to their loved one.

What The Relationship Needs

The compatibility between Gemini and Leo can be at a higher level. Despite Leo's stubbornness, which opposes Gemini flexibility, together, they can work wonders. Gemini can show Leo innovative ways to enjoy and live life, whereas Leo can teach Gemini the pleasures of security and stability. Both share mutual respect and admiration towards each other.
What this relationship needs is spontaneity and a little adjustment. Gemini should be open to the possibility of being tamed by their controlling Leo. If Gemini can become more sensitive and attentive to Leo's needs, and Leo can become flexible and always on the go for an innovative Gemini, this can make their relationship all the more worth keeping. If both take these simple steps to improve their relationship and make it better, it can flourish to an even greater union filled with happiness and satisfaction.

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Disadvantages of Leo and Gemini Relationship

Advantages of Leo and Gemini Relationship

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Leo and Gemini Compatibility

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