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The elements between Sagittarius and Leo are discordant to each other making their relationship very challenging. Though both come from the same fire element, the two will have a hard time adjusting to each other's fierceness and competitive streak.

Sagittarius is more flexible, whereas Leo can be too fixed in their ways. And when it comes to decision making, the two will suffer from constant clashes and disagreements.
Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility
Even with communication, Sagittarius and Leo may have to put forth a lot of effort to understand each other. Sagittarius is more about self-preservation and independence, whereas Leo as natural-born leaders are very domineering. Both will likely rub each other the wrong way. The centaur archer will always be on their feet looking for challenges and trying new things, whereas Leo is so meticulous and level-headed that they hate doing what is not necessary.

Additionally, Sagittarius and Leo have different emotional needs and ways to satisfy it. Sagittarius, more than anything, looks for someone who can give them sufficient freedom, whereas Leo is too emotionally inclined making them possessive and needy. And as the relationship delves deeper, Leo will come to realize that Sagittarius will never satisfy their cravings for flattery or emotional security. The same is true with Sagittarius, as they will be in constant doubt if the relationship is even worth it.

Although, things may be impossible between Sagittarius and Leo, there remain things that can actually bring them closer, more so, if they take enough initiative to give their all for the betterment of their union.
Despite the odds, there remains a few happy things between Sagittarius and Leo. For instance, Sagittarius will feel a different kind of security in the arms of their Leo. As natural leaders, Leo can be fiercely protective of their loved one. Their desire to put their partner on a pedestal is very strong, and anyone engulfed in their arms would be very appreciative.
More so, both will never leave any room for infidelity.  Sagittarius, despite their flaws, is the most loyal and honest of other zodiac signs. They will never tolerate the idea of lying to someone, even white lies. Leo, on the contrary, takes pride in having the self-discipline for loving only one person, and never will they cross the line of betraying someone.

Lastly, the physical chemistry between them is strong. When it comes to private moments between them, Leo will be amazed at how passionate and intimate Sagittarius can be. Same goes with Sagittarius, as they see how intense Leo can love.
Two fires put together can only bring one result, a blazing flame that may be impossible to stop. The same holds true when Sagittarius and Leo come together in a romantic relationship. The two will never mesh well, both emotionally and intellectually.

For instance, it is never within an archer's nature to put their loved on a pedestal, to place so much importance on, or to accept dominance from someone. Leo, on the other hand, is the type that demands affection and appreciation more than anything else, and as cold and distant as Sagittarius is, Leo is always left empty-handed.

Likewise, Leo finds Sagittarius' honesty too harsh and offensive. Sagittarius, even with pure intentions, can utter words that can cut deep into anyone's ego. Their bluntness is so powerful that it may even be the reason why most of their relationships end too quickly.

Lastly, Leo can be too domineering. They can be generous with their wisdom, but they expect in return that their advice or reprimands are followed. Sagittarius, on the contrary, hates taking orders, much less being restricted with what they want to do in life. They want to explore, take risks, and follow where their heart takes them, but Leo will always play the role of a villain.

What The Relationship Needs

A relationship rating between Sagittarius and Leo can merit a five or a six. The elements are so contradictory to each other that it requires much effort to make it work. This relationship need is large dose of compromise.

Sagittarius, with their short temper, should give their Leo enough latitude, especially when it comes to their domineering streak. They must try to understand that Leo, born as a leader, only wants the best for their welfare. And despite the hindrance to their freedom, Sagittarius must appreciate Leo's maturity level to see the bigger picture of things.
Leo must not take their reputation and pride too seriously. They must, likewise, understand that Sagittarius has their own mindset, and they would appreciate it more if they were given enough space to do what they want. Likewise, they must not take Sagittarius' flares of anger too sensitively. They can let go of their anger just as quickly, and they can remorse sincerely. If the two put their emotional sensitivity and superiority complex aside, then the relationship they have may have a greater chance to flourish. 

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Disadvantages of Leo and Sagittarius Relationship

Advantages of Leo and Sagittarius Relationship

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Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

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