As born natural leaders, Leos tend to seek perfection not just within themselves but with everyone around them. They can be domineering, and usually have the knack to address other people for correction. And as ardent philanthropists, Leo loves being needed. All these traits and more they expect to get from their mate. If they don't, they become doubtful of each other's love.

When it comes to communication, Leo finds it easy to just be themselves with each other. They are outgoing, generous, likeable, and sometimes childlike. As flamboyant as this sign is, they never run out of adventures to try and topics to talk about.

However, conflicts may come between Leo partners when it comes to emotional inclination. Two Leos can be very overwhelming. Though, they may not be temperamental, they do tend to seek attention all the time. Their competitive streak can make them very possessive and jealous, always going after intimacy and something new between the two. If they cannot obtain any of these from one another, things just do not turn out well. All these and more, good or bad, makes two Leos have a blast when in a romantic relationship.
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The relationship between two Leos can be highly compatible, but there will always be constant a battle for power and attention between the two. Leo's competitiveness will come to the foreground as they challenge each other's ego, authority, and pride.

These two lions come from fire elements, so it becomes natural for them to be extremely passionate about everything they do for the sake of craving love and attention.
Leo and Leo Compatibility
As the king of the jungle, two Leos can create a match full of energy and enthusiasm. This is probably one of the best advantages of two lions together. The rapport between them is tremendous. Both will never run out of ideas and creative steaks to have fun, and enjoy themselves. In fact, boredom will most likely be the worst thing that could happen between them.
More so, Leos are influenced by their sun element, and it comes expected for both to receive a lot of guidance from one another. Leos love to position themselves above all others. They are too confident and think that they can handle every problem that comes their way. They love being needed and the idea of being a superhero for everyone.

Leos can never handle any guilt feelings that they have let someone down. Being the leader of the pack, they make sure that everyone around their circle gets protected. No matter how big the circumstances are, Leos will fight to death for their loved one. All this means only one thing; Leos will be very devoted, passionate, and loyal to their lover.
It becomes obvious that when two Leos take on a romantic relationship, there is always a struggle for both power and love. Their union will be torn apart between love and sheer submission. Because both fight for authority, so it becomes inevitable that they need to exert more effort to make things work out.

Unfortunately, Leos do not know how to concede much less yield to anyone's dominance. Imagine two self-driven and self-motivated individuals under each other's command; would it be something chaotic to start with? And so, if the relationship is not taken care of, their love can turn sour and lead to a catastrophic end.

Leos can get dramatic and exaggerated, especially when they seek attention. And if they do not get it, they can turn wild and sensitive about it. Sometimes, when Leo's large ego is bruised, they can be critical. They will not take these things lightly to the point of being blunt and tactless. And therefore, a relationship between two lions can be too emotional.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between two lions can be full of passion, intimacy, and love. The only problem they may face would be their competitive streak for dominance, authority, and control. What this relationship needs is a little concession from both parties.
They must learn how to share the spotlight, not just between themselves but also with the people around them. One must agree to lessen their role within the relationship, and they need to learn to give each other enough chance to lead. Likewise, they should stop taking things too seriously and critically, especially when it comes to intimacy and affection, because the more they restrain each other, the closer they get to love disturbance.

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Disadvantages of Leo and Leo Relationship

Advantages of Leo and Leo Relationship

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