The same is true with Leo, where they appreciate all the attention they get from their Libra. They find it easy to communicate exactly what they want  and how they want it. When Leo gets into their ineveitable tantrums, their "me first" behavior, they expect Libra not to ignore their call, and put them  first before everything. Since Libra has the knack for balance, they will always comply to what their king wants because one thing they cannot tolerate  is to see their partner unhappy because of them.

Likewise, when it comes to decision making, Libra and Leo will work well together, just as long as their ideas and points of view sync. Leo will see  through how Libra always seems to come up with the most righteous and suitable solution. And though, Libra may take some time to decide, Leo will still  appreciate every effort they make to make things right.

When the two come together, it is almost impossible for them to break up. Libra and Leo make great partners, a dynamic duo that can accomplish great  things if they simply agree and disregard the competition between them.
Like their elements, Libra for air and Leo for fire, both will find it indisputable that they are meant for each other. Libra will appreciate Leo's  warmth and loyalty. As the relationship goes deeper, amidst Leo's stubbornness they will learn to accept Libra's critical and meticulous mind.

The only problem this relationship may have is with issues of authority. Leo, just like the king of the jungle the lion, is also self-driven. They hate  being under someone else's command, as they feel undignified. They are so independent and motivated that they feel their decisions are always right, if  not perfect.

However, Libra with their knack to balance things in order to side what is rightful will always interfere with Leo's ways and decisions. Because each has their own points and views, if not synchronized Libra and Leo will suffer constant clashes and arguments. Nonetheless, Libra and Leo is one pair that it is unique on its own. If the two works to eliminate competition and power struggle between them, then the  relationship is bound for the long haul.
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Leo and Libra come from complimenting elements making their romantic relationship full of understanding and compassion.

Libra has the innate qualities that balance Leo's fiery and gregarious nature, whereas Leo comes from a ruling planet that supports Libra's advocacy for fairness and equality. Together, they can create a different level of romance that is rare to find.
Leo and Libra Compatibility
Libra and Leo work harmoniously, which is probably why they will find their relationship very blissful. Libra knows exactly how protective Leo is with  their pride. Their confidence exudes in any fight they will get into defending their loved ones, no matter how hard and low their chances of winning may  be. Since a Libra in love seeks reassurance, they will feel very advantageous getting it abundantly from their Leo.
Unfortunately, no matter how compatible Libra and Leo's relationship may be, there remains a few roadblocks they need to overcome. For one, it is very  evident that Leo will demand a lot of time from Libra. More than anything, Leo needs constant pampering and affection. They are so attuned to their emotions that they expect their longing is reciprocated.  However, as industrious as Libra is they also need ample time to finish all their duties. One thing Libra will hate doing is to leave responsibilities  and people hanging. They make sure everything is in balance, with their careers, ambitions, and personal lives. If someone disrupts their laid-out  plans, they become unfocused and uneasy, which Leo will constantly notice since they will predictably disrupt Libra's time and attention.

On the contrary, Libra will find Leo too impulsive and impractical. It is in Leo's fiery nature to take the plunge no matter how many risks they need to  take. In fact, the more dangerous the gamble they make, they more enthusiastic they become. They are true examples of adrenaline junkies that love the  thrill of taking chances, because through them they can measure how great they become. However, Libra is very meticulous in nature. They hate being  rushed into anything because they can never tolerate the idea of making wrong moves or choices; and because of this, Libra and Leo will have constant  clashes.

What The Relationship Needs

Libra and Leo make an excellent pair. Together, they can accomplish many things. Libra, with their gift to see the bigger picture of things, can guide  their Leo to fight the urge for impulsive thinking and decision making, whereas Leo can show Libra the beauty of security in the relationship.

The only problem that may arise is when their ideas collide each other. Libra and Leo are natural leaders and constant competition to who gets the first  move for authority is always an issue. What this relationship need is a large amount of understanding and compromise.
For Libra to always seek fairness and equality, they must also strive to see and understand Leo's points of view no matter how unlike theirs it may  seem. Realizing that Leo is no less than capable in making sound decisions can lessen the competition and make things better between them. The same goes  for Leo, where they must learn to trust their Libra's leadership because no matter how they resist them, one thing remains, that they only seek to do  the right things. If these two signs focus on improving their union by disregarding the power struggles and emotional turmoil between them, then there is no stopping  these two from making a complete haven.

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Disadvantages of Leo and Libra Relationship

Advantages of Leo and Libra Relationship

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Leo and Libra Compatibility

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