Likewise, Scorpio and Leo will satisfy each other's cravings.  Scorpio looks for someone who they can share experiences of tranquillity and peace, and Leo will give just that, as they are close and tight-knit with their family and friends. However, Leo is the kind of person who can give a lot as long as they get the same amount of attention from their loved one in return. Fortunately, Scorpio will not disappoint them.
Nonetheless, as both come from fixed signs, power struggle swill always be evident. While Leo wants to lead the relationship, Scorpio will avoid any possible dominance. Leo approaches life with much gusto, and their fierce nature to take the plunge makes them an amazing leader. However, Scorpio is set on their own ways. They want things done in a simpler, yet assuring manner, where accuracy and perfection should always be met. When someone tries to disrupt their system, they can be aggressive and resistant.

The spark in each other's eyes, however, for passion and intimacy is probably what holds these two opposing zodiac signs, making their relationship promising and progressive.
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The relationship between Scorpio and Leo is bonded by intimacy and passion. Despite some disparity, since Scorpio comes from the water element and Leo from fire, the two can actually work towards the success of their union. The magnetic impulse that pulls Scorpio and Cancer together is strong from the start. Scorpio will be amazed by how loyal Leo can be, whereas Leo appreciates Scorpio's intricate ways to solve issues and problems between them.
On the flip side, must be more sensitive to what their Scorpio wants, and tries to mellow their tendencies to be demand attention and appreciation, but instead focus on accepting change and making their relationship work. If Scorpio and Leo make this simply compromises, the relationship they have will be more stable, intimate, and responsive.

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Leo and Scorpio Compatibility
Scorpio and Leo will find many blissful things within their relationship. To start with, both will never leave any room for infidelity. Scorpio in love is as passionate and intense as their Leo. In order to attain a happy relationship, Scorpio loves to know what makes their partner tick, and applies it to make their partner happy.

Leo, on the other hand, is innately protective of their pride. No matter how hard things may be, they will put their lives in the line merely to protect their love one. And with each other's arm, they will find the greatness of importance.
Despite the loyalty and passion between Scorpio and Leo, there are some issues they need to face. For one, competition is very evident. Both are innately determined and self-reliant, and they both know what they want in life. Scorpio is just as firm as Leo with their decisions. While Scorpio does not like being told what to do, Leo with their high confidence will think they are always right with their decisions. And with this, the two will constantly push through their decisions, leading to clashes and battles between them.

More so, Scorpio and Leo have different approaches with their ways. Scorpio is more practical and careful, whereas Leo is impulsive and reckless. And in such cases, Scorpio will always have a hard time encouraging change in their Leo's enthusiastic and childlike mindset. The same goes with Leo as they will find it hard to adjust to Scorpio's cautious and meticulous ways.

Lastly, Scorpio and Leo affect each other emotionally, especially when one hurts the other. Scorpio, behind their tough exterior is a sensitive soul, is easily bruised with criticisms and side comments. And it becomes dangerous for a Scorpio to get hurt because they will hold grudges long enough to wait for the perfect time to take their revenge. Leo, on the other hand, cannot help themselves in being overly dramatic, not to resolve issues but to play as a victim and attract attention. Whenever problems come between them, Scorpio and Leo often will not resolve issues right away.

What The Relationship Needs

Scorpio and Leo hold a special place to each other's heart. Despite the disparity, both can actually manage to twist their relationship into a progressive and stable union. What this relationship needs is acceptance and compromise.

Scorpio and Leo can put so much in the relationship, and they can actually spend great times together, if and only if, they learn to accept and see past each other's flaws. Scorpio instead of always being irritated by Leo's carelessness and impulsive ways rather should try to instil responsibility in a positive way, without rubbing off Leo's mistakes.

Disadvantages of Leo and Scorpio Relationship

Advantages of Leo and Scorpio Relationship

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