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2.  Cancer and Pisces I Know What You Feel

Again, another relationship where the most important between the two is the healthy exchange of emotional energy.  This relationship takes a slightly more cerebral take to it.  You will both feel telepathically connected to each other, which is a huge help in relationship communication.  Cancer tends to be more family orientated, and Pisces can connect outside the family circle, but never stays far.  This is a great match, and reading your daily Cancer Love Horoscope will only make it better.

3.  Cancer and Taurus  The Best Nest

The strong union of energies in this relationship is that you are both home bodies.  Cancer from a family emotional point of view, and Taurus from a nesting, material point of view.  Taurus is a great grounding rod for Cancer's most emotional days.  You both seek dependability, faithfulness, and trust in your relationship.  Sort of like unspoken rules that come naturally to both of you.  

4.  Cancer and Virgo  Taking Care of Business

You both can be a little moody, but Cancer has it in their soul to take emotional experiences to a level other signs just can't communicate with.  Virgo, however, is pretty good at it.  Even when doesn't understand all the time, this is a relationship built around the energy of devotion.  Cancer must be aware and forgiving when things get a little "out there," otherwise you will take care of each other nicely. Your daily Cancer Love Horoscope will warn you of upcoming events to watch out for.
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1.  Cancer and Scorpio  Attached by the Hip

What makes this relationship work is the long history of experiences you will have with other signs, where they can't match (or keep up with, or deal with) your emotional intensity.  When you find each other, you will both be surprisingly relieved that such a partner exists for you.  There are slight differences, for example, Cancers are romantics and Scorpio's tend to be lusty, but the pure amount of emotional energy transfer between these two souls can overcome anything fate has to throw in your path.
5.  Cancer and Leo Love Me Tender

You will experience a generally warm and loving relationship.  You are both sensitive to criticism.  Cancer from family members, and Leo from the souls all around them. Leo can feel uncomfortable when Cancer emotions get too intense.  Leo will turn these feelings into insecurities and weakness.  Leo needs to be adorned on occasion.  If Cancer can follow the Leo lead, this relationship can work out well.

6.  Cancer and Gemini  Much to Learn from Each Other

Cancer tends to live in the present by what happened in the past.  Gemini zips all over the time continuum faster than the speed of light.  Cancers will have difficulties with all of the air signs, and Gemini is no exception.  Gemini needs constant mental stimulation, and Cancer needs an outlet for emotions.  This is what attracts you to each other in the beginning, and can break you up in the end, and your daily Cancer Love Horoscope will warn you when this is happening.

7.  Cancer and Sagittarius Have to Work at It

Chances are Sagittarius bumped into Cancer on one of those little adverture trip Sagittarius likes to take.  Cancer will have very strong opinions about family and establishing roots.  Sagittarius will think any conversation of roots will have to do with hair, the concept is beyond them.  Sure they settle down, but Cancer must be able to accept the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius, and Sagittarius must not try to "run away" at the first signs of an emotional exchange.

8.  Cancer and Aquarius Sharing A Cell

There is a lot of sexual energy between these two signs. However, Cancer may be the most emotional sign of the zodiac, and Aquarius may be the least.  The emotions a Cancer feels are generally spoken when they are felt.  Aquarius can emotionally detach any emotion at the drop of a dime.  Aquarius makes new friends and relationships easily and will have to adapt beyond the nature of the Aquarian soul to share a confined environment the way Cancer likes to live, unless it's under the sheets.
9.  Cancer and Cancer The Same, But Not Quite the Same

You are both exactly the same with your emotional demands, but that doesn't mean you are automatically going to experience and harmony.  In fact, while you are both emotional, it isn't often that you will both emotional about the same thing at any given moment.  You will have to use your daily Cancer Love Horoscope to learn when to step down and let your partner take the lead in a balanced manner.  Not very likely, because controlling your emotions is your spiritual challenge for this existence. 

10. Cancer and Libra Two Controlling Energies

While you both have many social qualities in common, Cancer tends to think in regard to the self and the family environment and Libra thinks along the lines of all society.  Libra's have a very strong sense of balance and fairness that Cancer doesn't always see or appreciate.  Libra sees everyone as equals, Cancer is everyone's mother.  Clashes can be frequent. 

11. Cancer and Aries A Mother and Child Union

Cancer is known as Mother Earth, Aries is known as the baby of the Zodiac.  A Mother and child relationship might work well once in a while, but overall the Aries will feel smothered by Cancer.  Cancer requires mutual dependency, and Aries is the most independent soul of the zodiac.  This could be a very difficult relationship to make work. 

12. Cancer and Capricorn Solve Your Own Problems

This is an astrological opposite relationship.  While some think opposites attract, and they may, a long term relationship requires many other energies to work.  Capricorn may seem to be incapable of any emotional exchange to a Cancer, and a Capricorn can quickly become frustrated with the unpredictable Cancer emotions.  Capricorn likes everything neat and organized.  If you are going to be unpredictable, you better be exciting in a positive way, and your daily Cancer Love Horoscope will help you with this.  Personal venting and complaining isn't attractive to a Capricorn.  They can solve their own problems, why can't you?

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