More so, the relationship is filled with assurance. Leo, just like Cancer, craves for security. Once both are in a relationship, they expect each other to be as intimate and passionate, and they cannot help themselves to be excellent at it. While Leo seeks attention, Cancer will shower them with flattery and compliments. Likewise, Cancer finds it uncommon when someone appreciates their jokes or punch lines, and Leo could not help themselves to be amazed and laugh hilariously at Cancer when they do so.
Infidelity has no room before them because they are as committed as any martyrs would be in love. While Leo seeks trust, Cancer will build a close relationship.

However, the only thing the relationship may have issues with is with matters of the heart. Both can be overly sensitive. Cancer does not take criticism and heavy tone lightly, whereas Leo does not tolerate lack of respect and attention. And just as the moon can quickly change its phases, Cancer can do so with their mood swings. Leo faces the same turbulence, especially when things do not go their way. All these and more make their relationship both challenging and interesting.
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The relationship created by Leo and Cancer can be seemingly incompatible in the beginning, but as both surpass each other's differences, they can actually make a haven together. Leo finds Cancer very empathetic and sensitive to their needs, whereas Cancer finds Leo's fiery nature and protective gestures very interesting. Both seek the same thing in a relationship, stability and security, and no one gives it better than these two signs. Leo is just as possessive as Cancer is.
Cancer and Leo Compatibility
Leo and Cancer share almost the same attributes making their relationship blissful. For one, both are loving individuals, which depicts how they treat each other. In addition, both are introverts and homebodies. Cancer is closely tied with their family, whereas Leo enjoys the comfort of their family and friends. Together, they make a special and tight connection leading commitment and loyalty.

And when it comes to communication, neither one has a hard time. Leo is a great conversationalist, and Cancer can match Leo's energy and enthusiasm with their intuitive mind. There is never a dull moment between them because one thing that Leo will never tolerate is boredom. They always look for any activity or occasion where they cannot only enjoy themselves, but also take it as an opportunity to be pampered by their loved one. And since Cancer is as devoted and creative, they will do everything to entertain their Leo.
Unfortunately, no matter how compatible Leo and Cancer may be, they, too, face a few problems. For one, Leo comes on too domineering and authoritative for a sensitive crab. When Leo gets into their temperaments, they can throw hurtful criticism, and they normally do not care whoever that person may be, loved one or not. And one thing Cancer will never tolerate is cruelty in any form. Though, Cancer will not match Leo's mood swings, they tend to withdraw all emotions of love.

Likewise, Leo's need for constant attention and respect can wear off on Cancer. Leo has the tendency to get used to being pampered. They love to be flattered, tickled with the constant presence of their love one, and showered with loads of attention. The more Leo gets it the more they crave it. Cancer can be as submissive and loyal to Leo, but having someone who is too clingy as Cancer is can tire just about anyone.

On the contrary, Cancer's attitude to worry too much about the past can contagiously affect Leo. Cancer can be highly emotional, making them prone to anxiety, anger, frustrations, and feeling of regret. They always allow past failures and mishaps to affect their everyday lives, making them a bit rigid, out of control, and unorganized. And since Leo likes doing things systematically, this about Cancer can definitely bring about chaos between them.

What The Relationship Needs

Leo and Cancer make an excellent team. A romantic relationship between them can be full of satisfaction and fulfillment as both meshes well emotionally. Despite a few differences, the two can actually make a haven.

What this relationship needs is balance and change. Both are highly sensitive when it comes to their emotions, Leo as being temperamental and Cancer as very moody. Sometimes, these two can be so overwhelmed with their emotions that it can greatly affect how they treat and deal with each other. Leo can become demanding, possessive, and jealous, whereas Cancer can be out of control and regretful. If they do not seek balance, it may mean the end of their relationship.
Therefore, Leo must try to be careful of their words and actions. They should avoid throwing criticism or having high tones with their sensitive Cancer. Likewise, Cancer must learn to avoid negativity around them, which is often the cause of their mood swings. They must not allow their past to affect how they deal with their everyday lives, much less with their relationships. If these two make these simple adjustments, there is no stopping them from becoming a perfect pair.

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