Both are very optimistic individuals. They dislike negative thinking and hate backing down to any challenge. Above anything else, Sagittarius and Gemini love to give themselves the satisfaction that they did their best, and they exceed people's expectations. Both place so much importance to self-worth, which is probably why they always have high hopes and positivity towards everything.

Lastly, despite Sagittarius' bad reputation, Cancer can be sure that they are by far one of the most loyal and honest among all zodiac signs. Sagittarius, though to the point of bluntness, will never dare put their relationship in jeopardy, as they themselves hate lying, even little white lies. For this reason, they know how it would feel to be betrayed, and Cancer will greatly appreciate the gesture of giving them this kind of security.
However, the physical chemistry between them is good, but it is something that faces an abundance of turmoil. Sagittarius places more importance on their freedom whereas Cancer demands affection and intimacy. And when the other stipulates what they want, such as Sagittarius not liking to be told what to do or restricted and Cancer trying to pin them down, this becomes a big issue that both will have a hard time complying with and pacifying each other.

More so, both will have endless conflicts regarding how each handles their finances. Sagittarius is impractical and impulsive, and whatever comes into their mind, they follow. In fact, they do not even care what the future brings them, as long as they take the beat of their heart as their first priority. Cancer, on the other hand, is very practical and will not allow any dime to be put to waste. Together, problems will always arise, especially if Cancer sees how irresponsible and careless Sagittarius is, leaving trust issues to come between them.
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Fire and water will never be compatible with each other, and this is the way Sagittarius and Cancer face their relationship. Both have opposing attributes and personalities that makes it difficult for any romance to work between them, even if they put a lot of effort into it. Sagittarius is impulsive, adventurous, and fierce, whereas Cancer is more fixed, sensitive, and old-fashioned. Their disparity often leads to clashes and major disagreements, which can be hard to resolve.
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Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility
Despite the disparity, Sagittarius and Cancer take things between them into a positive perspective. Cancer finds it blissful the way Sagittarius can introduce them to different worlds and ideas, far from the things they are used to.

Sagittarius always seeks new things and the thrill to be different. Though Cancer can disregard their efforts in the beginning, in the long run they will see how different it can feel to actually come out of the box.
There are quite a few aspects that Sagittarius and Cancer need to work out, that if not addressed immediately can actually mean the end of their relationship. For instance, how both handle situations between them may be an issue.  Few know how short-tempered Sagittarians are, whereas Cancer can change their mood in an instant. The two can be energetic, but are restless when it comes to solving issues between them. Sagittarius would prefer to leave issues behind whereas Cancer will never stop bugging Sagittarius until they both give a solution to their problems.

Cancer is very emotional and sensitive. They will not take things lightly, particularly if they feel that Sagittarius does not care, is distant, or aloof. Even with clear intentions to help, Cancer will take Sagittarius' blunt honesty as a sign of disrespect, especially if all their mistakes are always thrown at them.

Likewise, Sagittarius and Cancer have difficulty understanding each other's social preferences. Sagittarius is more of a social butterfly, whereas Cancer prefers to enjoy the comforts of their home in the company of their loved ones. Both find it hard to adjust to what the other wants. Cancer will find it irrelevant how Sagittarius gives so much time to socialize and tires themselves in the process, whereas Sagittarius will not understand why Cancer refuses to open up and see the world as they see it.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Sagittarius and Cancer, if to be rated, can merit a five or a six because the astral elements are discordant to each other. Sagittarius is more open-minded to change whereas Cancer is fixed in their ways, and this mirrors on how well they will react to each other's attributes and insights.

What this relationship need is an abundance of compromise and adjustments. Sagittarius must see past Cancer's resistance to change, and instead encourage them to accept change gradually. On the contrary, Cancer must try to open up and communicate their expectations first hand, so they will have fewer clashes with their Sagittarian.

If both tries to give enough effort for acceptance and change, what seems to be an impossible union can actually work in the long run, maybe even for keeps.

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Disadvantages of Cancer and Sagittarius Relationship

Advantages of Cancer and Sagittarius Relationship

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Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

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