This is the same trait that allows them to tolerate Aries' anger and mood swings. Yes, Cancer can get can hurt and be sensitive, but they will never say offensive things against Aries, much less match their emotional outbursts. Cancer makes Aries feel very much loved because of this devotion.

Furthermore, Cancer makes Aries feel confident about themselves. They appreciate everything about Aries, especially all the little things they do for them.  Cancers are optimistic and supportive of all the things Aries finds interest in. Even if Aries jumps from one project or another, Cancer not only supports them, but also guides them to set their priorities.
An Aries/Cancer partnership tends to be best friends more than intimate lovers. They share the same interests, mostly in business and in work. Both are driven and goal-oriented individuals, always after the win and the compliments. Cancer, however, will always go the safe route, Aries tends to be brave enough to take any risk. 

Both signs love to lead the relationship, but it is Cancer who generally compromises most. They don't mind being overshadowed by Aries' dominance, and may even love playing the role of a submissive lover.

Aries can be too aggressive and impulsive towards everything, but Cancer will be there to teach practicality, planning, and precision. Cancer can be all loving and understanding, causing Aries to persistently fall head-over-heels for them.  This relationship has a lot of things to consider, but through constant communication, it is one worth keeping.
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The Cancer and Aries relationship is proof that opposites do attract. Aries are can be blunt and detached, while Cancer can be emotional and sensitive. Both play important roles within the relationship, where Aries tends to be Cancer's knight in shining armor, and Cancer as Aries' avid fan.

Cancer admires Aries' confidence and positivity towards everything, where as Aries admires how Cancer can be humble, cautious and intelligent.
Cancer and Aries Compatibility
An admirable trait of both signs is their love for family and friends. Both value spending quality time with their loved ones as well as always being there for them in times of need.

The same holds true when they are are both in a relationship, neither is afraid to devote everything to and give their all for the success of the relationship.

Cancer is the type of person that does not linger too much in the past. They are forward-driven, positive, and always calm. 
As with any relationship, the one Aries has with Cancer has its ups and downs. One such situation in Cancer and Aries compatibility is when Aries becomes too aggressive in love while Cancer takes everything one step at a time. This can fuel a fire, especially if Aries imposes many rules, expectations, and demands on Cancer. Though, Cancer can be very devoted when in a relationship, an aggressive approach can overshadow them.

Aries may be too competitive for meek Cancer. Yes, they can be creative and innovative themselves, but they rarely catch up with all the things Aries finds interest in. Also, trouble constantly arises if Aries throws too many tantrums. When Cancer is pushed to the edge of their limits, they either run away from the situation or, without thinking, just leave their partners.

Lastly, Cancer can also be overly sensitive themselves. When they can't handle things any more, they simply hide inside their protective shell to prevent others from hurting them further; refusing to open up as a way of defending themselves. And as blunt and tactless as Aries is, they can constantly push Cancer into this situation.

What The Relationship Needs 

The relationship between Aries and Cancer can be an unlikely pair at first, but as both work out their differences, they can surprisingly enjoy a healthy and fulfilling union, topped with security, enthusiasm, and love. 

What this Cancer and Aries relationship needs is adjustment. Even if it takes some time, both must learn to accept each other's flaws. Since Cancer can be overly sensitive, Aries must go for a gentler approach to lead the relationship. On the other hand, Cancer must understand how Aries wants to lead the relationship wherein they can give and take.
Aries must learn how to listen to Cancer and give the security they need. This does not mean, however, that they are free to be overly possessive. Cancer, like them, also needs to satisfy their independence. If Cancer sees all these major points, the patience and love, as well as importance Aries is willing to give; then they will return all the favor by giving the same emotional security and leeway Aries needs.

As both appreciate each other's individuality and share a mutual respect, this unlikely pair has a very real possibility of creating a match made in heaven.

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Disadvantages of Cancer and Aries Relationship

Advantages of Cancer and Aries Relationship

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Cancer and Aries Compatibility

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