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The relationship between Scorpio and Cancer is full of excitement and contentment. Both come from the water element which initiates an instant emotional and intellectual connection. Scorpio and Cancer will find their relationship favorable as there is no clash for power since Scorpio is more submissive, as long as they are led in ways they approve of. Fortunately, they will see it all with the cardinal and democratic nature of Cancer. Together, Scorpio and Cancer will do great things.
It is important that both show their cards upfront and say how they want to be dealt with. Through this, misunderstandings and conflicts can be easily resolved right from the start.  If Scorpio and Cancer make these simple adjustments, the love they have can flourish for keeps.

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Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility
When it comes to emotional inclination, Scorpio and Cancer will satisfy each other's needs. Scorpio may seem mysterious and detached in the beginning, but as they reveal their true selves, Cancer will be surprised by how passionate and intense they are as a lover. The same is true with Cancer, where they may hide their emotions beneath their protective shell is an emotionally sensitive creature.

More so, the relationship is abounding with loyalty and stability. Scorpio and Cancer are committed individuals who will not tolerate infidelity. They both have the tendency to be overly possessive and controlling. Nonetheless, both will not mind being like this with each other, but all the more appreciate the level of love and attention they give to each other.

The only problem Scorpio and Cancer may have to face is with issues of financial stability and facing problems between them. Scorpio is more level-headed where they want to address disagreements immediately, whereas Cancer prefers to step back and wait to see where things are leading. Nonetheless, these are minor differences that will easily be resolved by Scorpio and Cancer making their relationship progressive and satisfactory.
Scorpio and Cancer will find their relationship blissful because of the many things they share in common. For one, both enjoy simple pleasures in life. Scorpio will find happiness knowing what makes Cancer tick and applying it to make their Cancer satisfied and happy.
On the flip side, Cancer is content spending quality time in the comfort of their home with family, loved ones, and friends. Scorpio appreciates this and longs for a partner who can share experiences of complete peace and retreat. These are the traits both will appreciate and accept from each other.

Affection and trustfulness are important aspects between Scorpio and Cancer. Scorpio is frantically loyal, and they seek the kind of commitment and love they can give, which Cancer will comply with. And with Scorpio's psychic gift, they will feel Cancer's sincerity. Cancer, on the other hand, offers a level of stability. Cancer when in love needs to know that they can count on their partner, and Scorpio will never disappoint them.

When it comes to attention, Scorpio and Cancer are willing to give so much. Cancer wants to be in a relationship that is light and happy. One way they get this is through the appreciation they get from their partner. And as a sensitive being, Scorpio is willing to submit to what their Cancer wants and needs.
Despite the compatibility between Scorpio and Cancer, there are a few notes they need to settle. To start with, Scorpio lacks self-confidence and Cancer immensely dislikes negative thinking. Scorpio is admittedly destructive to themselves, always hesitant and thinking of "what ifs" before making any decision. Cancer, on the contrary, sees this as a negative approach to life's challenges and blissful opportunities. And together, when their mindsets are not sync, decision making and doing things between Scorpio and Cancer will often lead to misunderstandings and disagreements.

Both signs are emotionally sensitive. Behind each other's tough exterior comes a fragile spot vulnerable for hurt and emotional hemophilia. Scorpio cannot stop themselves from being overly sensitive to unthought-of side comments and criticisms whereas Cancer will continue to bleed from past hurts and pains. If issues are not settled fast between them, simple conflicts can make way for grudges and revenge, most especially on Scorpio's part as they always want to give back to someone all the pain they have endured from them.

Lastly, Scorpio and Cancer have a different way of facing problems, which again can rise up clashes and arguments. Scorpio is more intricate and meticulous. Despite their self-consciousness, Scorpio will not hesitate to face any problem just as long as their stings are on top shape. Cancer, on the contrary, prefers to run away from trouble. Ignoring things works best for them as they will only return if things are well again. But, Scorpio will keep on rubbing things with fierce emotions, leading to constant frustrations and conflicts.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Scorpio and Cancer may seem unlikely at first, but the magnetic impulses between them simply dictate how their relationship turns out in the end. Both are attuned to their emotions and goodness in their personalities, making what they have stronger and tighter.

What this relationship needs is spontaneity and a little adjustment. Together, Scorpio and Cancer can accomplish great things, and they will not run out of activities to enjoy and share. The only thing they have to watch out for is how they handle each other. For instance, Scorpio wants to address things in a mellower tone, where words or criticisms are uttered to them in a cautious manner. Cancer, on the other hand, would like to be in a relationship that is just always happy, but when things turn out bad, they want to try to ignore of forget about it.

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Disadvantages of Cancer and Scorpio Relationship

Advantages of Cancer and Scorpio Relationship

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Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

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