And since Cancer loves to be appreciated, there is no deprivation with the relationship. They may not seek to be the center of their partner's world, but a simple gesture like laughing at their jokes or giving them a pat on the shoulder for a job well done is enough. If both follow these simple considerations, they will leave no room for insecurity and infidelity, pushing further to have a shot for a relationship that holds true.

When two crabs meet in a relationship, it is full of emotional security, comfort, and satisfaction. Cancer is influenced by their water element, making them extremely sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, and there is nothing more still and calm than two folds of water colliding and flowing together. Just like their element, Cancer can also be unstable. They are unpredictable and are prone to mood swings. Because of their sensitivity, they always struggle to hurt one another. 
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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility
There are so many positive things that two crab signs share within their relationship. For one, both seek stability in the relationship. Cancer is very hard working, and they hate being complacent. They love to worry, only to make sure nothing goes wrong. They will never dismiss financial instability, and they will never tolerate it. They are both driven and enjoy creating a secure empire together.

Cancer craves intimacy and close relationships. More than any other sign, Cancer is the most passionate when it comes to loving. In fact, many people consider them to be prime marrying material because they tend to give their all when in love.

Even more so, Cancer is very nurturing, especially with their loved ones. Both have no problem being emotional, intense, or clingy with each other. They know how to love and to be loved. Between them, there is no room for insecurities, much less any chance for infidelity.
Cancers are known for being nitpickers, usually uttering harsh words or comments, only for the hope of bringing order and perfection to their relationship.

And when it comes to their line of communication, both share good times together all the time. They both love having deep conversations about family matters, engulfing their time collecting memorabilia, fascinating about famous personalities, and counting their treasures. They both know what they want and need in a relationship, so it is not hard for them to concede to each other. Two Cancers coming together makes a happy couple.
Just like any other relationship, two crabs together, no matter how compatible they may be, still face some turbulence. For one, Cancer is known to be overly possessive. It is their nature to hold onto something very tight in order to fill their need for security. They will never allow anything to derail something that they have worked so hard to build; neither will they tolerate infidelity.

When in a relationship, they tend to be overly nurturing, and they expect the same commitment from their partners. And the only thing to make them satisfied is constant reaffirmation of love. Regular texts or phone calls, never being late in any date, constant cuddling, and  endearing words are simple things they would likely want to receive from their partners.

Likewise, Cancer lives in the past. They often get lost in emotional hemophilia due to past wounds they could not stop bleeding from. And when in heated arguments, both would probably bring up their past disagreements, only for the sake of winning. Both will always fight for control, which comes naturally to them. They have a superiority complex making them a bit rigid and bossy, and neither one will give up to concede to the other.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between two Cancers is a perfect match. Both mesh well mentally and emotionally. Crabs always strive hard to make a perfect relationship, making it easy for them to give their full commitment.

What this relationship needs is spontaneity and a bit of compromise. Both must strive hard to be less possessive. No matter how compatible they may be, if one feels strangled, the relationship remains jeopardized. They must give each other enough leeway to explore beyond boundaries because there is no point of having any considering that Cancers are one of the most loyal signs.
Likewise, bringing out past disagreements and arguments can only worsen heated arguments. If they would simply focus solely on fixing their current problem and stick to it, it will make their relationship stronger. The more they harp on the past, the more their relationship will cease to progress.

If both follow these simple considerations, they will leave no room for insecurity and infidelity, pushing further to have a shot for a relationship that holds true.

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Disadvantages of Cancer and Cancer Relationship

Advantages of Cancer and Cancer Relationship

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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

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