They worry too much about what will happen if their money runs out, to the point that they would prefer to stash their homes with boxes of supplies in order to make sure everything is well taken care of when worst to worst happens. Taurus also loves money, but not as obsessively as Cancer does.

Both are sentimental people. It is not uncommon for Cancer and Taurus to keep memorabilia of things that remind them of special moments, or even things from their childhood as well as special notes or cards that witnessed their expressions of love and emotions. The only difference the tw3o signs might have on this note is that Taurus loves to collect luxurious items; one thing that can be considered unfavorable to Cancer because of their practicality.

Lastly, both signs satisfy each other's needs. Taurus can appease Cancer's longing for emotional security while Cancer can help Taurus with their goal for financial stability. Neither one is afraid to work towards a steady relationship between the one they have, and they can envision for the future that includes one another right from the start. Both signs drive well emotionally and mentally that there is nothing much to scrutinize in their relationship.
Though, Cancer can be unpredictable and stubborn, they remain to be caring, forgiving, and generous. Like Taurus, they are intimate. They are not afraid to show their inner side or get too personal. They are romantic and sentimental, but one thing that is repulsive about them to Taurus is their sensitivity and temperamental side.

Nonetheless, Cancer can provide the security Taurus longs for in a relationship. Cancer is appreciative, and they admire the same interest Taurus has for stability. They are organized and like to build a strong foundation, both in their careers and businesses. They do not mind Taurus being meticulous when it comes to money as they also want to have the financial security and freedom Taurus wants to enjoy.

Cancer and Taurus are family-oriented and both signs can easily win each other's heart. Cancer can withstand Taurus’ possessiveness and temperaments, while Taurus appreciates their creativity and their overflowing emotions. Their relationship has so much compatibility that it can potentially grow to an even stronger union; one that can survive all the tides in a relationship.
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The relationship Taurus has with Cancer is bonded with mutual respect and understanding.

Both share the same interests and both signs do not differ much in their views and opinions.

Cancer values security and stability as Taurus does, and Taurus gives the same level of care and love as Cancer would want to have from their partner.
Cancer and Taurus Compatibility
There are many advantages in a Cancer and Taurus relationship. Both signs share the same interests, and it seems that they have the same wavelength of thinking. For one, both seek a secure home, and they can put forth all their efforts just to make sure they fulfill this dream. Both Taurus and Cancer find a fervor feeling to maintain their home and fill it with happiness and love. Taurus also looks for stability of their pockets. Cancer, however, thinks differently when it comes to this aspect.
One thing blissful about the union Taurus has with Cancer is that there is not much difference with their personalities, making it easy to understand and adapt to each other's way. However, one thing that needs a lot of consideration would probably be Cancer's mood swings that, like the tides of the ocean, can change instantaneously.

They are so sensitive that little things said or done can immediately upset them. And the only way to pacify them is to give the sympathy and attention they need. This will not be a big problem in the beginning, but as Cancer continuously tests Taurus’ patience, everything just piles up until such time as Taurus just goes off on them.

On the contrary, Cancer gets frustrated when Taurus pesters them with their negative thinking. Taurus is known to be a fixed sign, so they are not used to uncomfortable surroundings, which often results in negative thinking. Negative thoughts, especially those that come from their loved one, matter the most to them. In time they can become stressors that will gitate them in the long run.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Taurus and Cancer is a perfect match made in heaven. Both have the same interests and think along the same wave length. Their compatibility is so high that nothing much can be done to cause these two to separate.

What this relationship needs is for both to continue how they are with each other. Cancer must continue to understand that Taurus only longs for stability in the relationship while Taurus must understand Cancer only longs for emotional intimacy.
Taurus must continue to give the Cancer the appreciation they need and Cancer must give the respect and security Taurus seeks in a relationship. More so, if Cancer mellows down their sensitivity and mood swings and if Taurus tones down their possessiveness, then these two can become inseparable.

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Disadvantages of Cancer and Taurus Relationship

Advantages of Cancer and Taurus Relationship

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