Their confidence exudes in everything they do, but Cancer fears being with no possession can keep them struggling. Cancer enjoys the company of their loved ones, making them clingy up to the point of being jealous, paranoid, and possessive. Capricorn can teach their Cancer the wisdom of experience, where being independent on their own can bring self-satisfaction. More so, providing them the security they need can eliminate their doubts and fears.

On the contrary, Cancer plays an significant role in Capricorn's life as they know how important it is to achieve their goals and dreams. They can be Capricorn's comrade in arms and avid cheerleaders in times where they may feel restless doing their routines, or hopeless at reaching their goals. More so, Capricorn's concerns towards financial security and worldly possessions and reputations can lead them to rigidity, and this is where Cancer will constantly step in to bring balance in such aspects to their life. And in return, Capricorn will see Cancer's efforts as indispensable.

More so, both do not leave any room for infidelity. Between them, Cancer is probably the most to show deeper commitment. Cancer in love has the tendency to put their loved one onto a pedestal, even if it means insecurity on their end for being too clingy and possessive.  On the other hand, Capricorn, though aloof, is one of the most reliable and committed individuals. They will not put their efforts to waste, and would normally feel a quick remorse once they hurt their loved one.
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The elements between Capricorn and Cancer are accordant to each other, where Capricorn is influenced by earth and Cancer with water. And just as how earth needed water to survive, so is the way Cancer can fill a big role in Capricorn's life. Cancer will be Capricorn's avid fan and encourager when things are tough achieving their dreams and their goals. At the same time, Capricorn can satisfy Cancer's craving for security and stability, without sacrificing their own independence and autonomy.
Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility
Add to that, competition of authority must be avoided. Capricorn, despite being too critical, must give their Cancer enough leeway. They must understand that Cancers are more emotional and that they needed extra sensitivity, care, and attention. Cancer, on the other hand, likes to dominate the relationship themselves, by putting up a lot of emotional blackmail, but they have to understand this will not always work with such a strong persona of a Capricorn.

If Capricorn and Cancer take enough effort to bind a few of their misbehaviors, then this relationship can even climb a higher notch.

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Both are highly ambitious and independent, and it is never likely that they will get in each other's way. The only problem these two may have to face is when Cancer gets a little too possessive and emotionally clingy. As aloof and distant as Capricorn is, it may be hard for them to display any sentimental connection, especially if they know there is much work needed to be done. Cancer, however, cannot express more themselves in love if they cannot possess their love one within their two sharp claws. It may be romantically protective and sweet, but Capricorn always disagrees.

More so, communication can also be a bit off between Capricorn and Cancer. Cancer's ever-changing mood can put Capricorn emotionally off balance. Even with constructive criticism, Cancer will not take them lightly.  Nonetheless, with enough patience for constant reassurance, Capricorn can always tame their sensitive crab.

The relationship between Capricorn and Cancer can be very exciting, but it is something that needs hard work and a whole lot of commitment. Their qualities are the same and elements are aligned, leaving a great future of promise for the both of them.
Capricorn and Cancer in love bring a favorable elemental combination, where they can teach and learn from each other. For instance, Capricorn can teach the value of independence, whereas Cancer can show the pleasures of home. Capricorn appreciates Cancer's knack for stability and assurance. However, they also feel that their insecurities and fear to be alone is something they need to improve on. Capricorn is a person of empowerment.
The only problem that comes between Capricorn and Cancer is when they entertain the bad press about each other. For instance, Capricorn's demeanor can fool anyone. Truth is, they are considerate people. And yes, they can be domineering, meticulous, and critical, but this is only the tip of the iceberg, because deep inside, they only wish the best for their loved one.

Cancer, on the contrary, is known to be an emotional hemophiliac, but this is only because they love so much that they would bleed deep when someone hurts them. Cancer in love is appreciative of every little attention and care given to them, but cannot digest criticisms much less insensitive ways to belittle them.

More so, dealing with arguments can be little off between Capricorn and Cancer. Capricorn hates displaying any emotions, much less being angr. They would rather escape from any emotional outburst by letting things pass, and only come back when things are settled in. Cancer, however, needs reassurance that their partner is still willing to fix things by being present when issues are needed to be attended to immediately. And here the two will always differ.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Capricorn and Cancer, if to be rated, can merit a score of a seven or an eight. The elements between them are complementary, making it highly favorable for both. Nonetheless, as both are coming from cardinal signs, competition and a few clashes is inevitable.

What this relationship needs is compromise and constant communication.  Right from the beginning both parties need to set ground rules, so as they would not have a hard time adjusting and accepting each other's differances. Capricorn must help Cancer understand that they need to take numerous time offs away from them, in order to fulfill their duties and obligations, whereas Cancer must express that the reason behind all their emotional outbursts and possessiveness is the need to be assured.

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Disadvantages of Cancer and Capricorn Relationship

Advantages of Cancer and Capricorn Relationship

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Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

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